23. Mai 2018

MusicMatch 2018 – It was exciting!

MusicMatch 2018 with focus country Czech Republic was an extremely multifaceted, exciting and musically outstanding weekend. Many thanks to everybody who participated. We are very much looking forward to 2019!


Fotos: Christin Nitzsche


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Music for a New Society


The question if politics should be addressed in music has been discussed for ages. But no one would deny that music and culture are important issues on the political agenda. In late 2018 the German Punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet was banned from playing a show at the famous Bauhaus in Dessau after right wing activists and conservative parties put pressure on the responsible persons. But the consequences of political change do not just start when some topics or bands are banned from the stages. Legal structures, public funds and the self-conception of governmental institutions when it comes to influencing culture in general – there might be no better topic for MusicMatch in 2019 when there are local, regional and European elections in the federal state of Saxony. For that reason, MusicMatch 2019 runs under the slogan Music for a New Society that can be read in different ways. At first it stands for a hope that one Bob Dylan song could turn the world into a better place. But it also has to do with a meta political concept of gaining acceptance for radical and racist tendencies through music and culture. Music and politics don’t go together? – Well, at MusicMatch 2019 (5th – 7th April) they do!