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The band from the area around Augsburg was founded in 2011. With their sound that combines epic pop melodies with electronic influences and post-rock elements they've already gained a reputation as a great live act. Bands like Notwist, Slut, Friendly Fires or Foals could be listed as important references.

Music that is fun and that makes it impossible to stand still: With a mix of reggae, ska, mestizo, ragga, rock and funk Alberthain are spreading the best of moods since they have been founded in 2003. The songs mostly develop while they are jamming and their lyrics are also put on paper by them.

Who's Alphonzo? There are many opinions: on the one hand he looks like a RocknRoller, but since the first beer he plays bass in various punk bands. Sometimes he mutates to a workaholic, sits in the studio for nights, raps, cuts and mixes. Sometimes, however, he just spends nights in the bars of the city with a pack of Lemon Haze and his antisocial friends. Meanwhile, he distributes batik shirts on his peace mission through a realized utopia that shines through its absurdities. He cooks them at 200 degrees to enjoy them as salted words. Timeless beats, most of them produced by Figub Brazlevic, meet a striking voice with flow - and stay in your head until Atlantis goes down.

Apollo Static
Apollo Static is pop music. It rejects false emotions and fights for the good things in pop, without ever loosing the references to the dance floor.

Banda Internationale
This project is a collaboration of Banda Communale which is a band from Dresden and the Cellex Foundation. For more than 15 years Banda Communale have been making music and availing themselves of cultural assets of reputed strange or foreign countries and peoples. Their stock mostly contains music from crisis regions of the world: Africa, the Balkans, and Middle East… The current task is: making proper folk music with the refugees living in Dresden. Not once, but as an ongoing project. Again and again.

Several young gentlemen and a wonderful lady are playing rumbling-warm folk pop, with gnarly guitars, piano, trumpet and grumbling bass, as well as little stories of sorrowful women in baths. Additionally a collective smile when the groove is around.

Cameron Lines
Earworms guaranteed: The duo piles up groovy heavy blues rock. Garage meets stamping beats and massive fuzz. For that it only needs no more than a guitar, some drums and two voices. The musicians from Dresden and Nurnberg have planned their album premiere for 2016.

Cosmic Combo
The four guys from Dresden have completely committed themselves to psychedelic sounds. The music has its roots at the US American west coast of the 60’s and is featured on their debut called “Cosmic Combo”, It unites blues, garage, organ beat and astro surf and makes your soul and feet dance.

Deko Deko
DekoDeko is a duo from Leipzig. Lena Seik and Tristan Schulze use synthesizers and computers to create songs that are added by Lena's remarkable voice. The results are songs including orchestral elements and choirs. Those who like The XX or The Knife should not miss their show.

DJ Cramér – Wildblumenblues
DJ Cramér from Dresden has played in almost every club in Dresden (e.g.: Ostpol, Zille, Groovestation, Rosis Amüsierlokal, Scheune, Club Paula, Altes Wettbüro), but also in the clubs in other cities (Berlin: Wild at Heart, Kaffee Burger, Wiener Blut; Leipzig: Zorro; Weimar: Keller C, Planbar, Bautzen: Steinhaus). Besides that he was responsible for rocking weddings, family parties, gallery openings, stylish school ceremonies, huge events and now and then he has his own radio show on Coloradio.

Dolus Mutombo
Stories from Africa and the rest of the world: Dolus Mutombo serves a cocktail from folk to reggae to world music. For 20 years he has written his songs himself and gives his big audience goose bumps and an atmosphere of feeling welcome.

The band was founded in 2003: Andrej and Jarii, on guitar and drums. Supplemented by their voices. As their music style is made up of many different genres and their lyrics are inspired by the whole world, you can definitely call them a wild and growing Dadaistic artwork. Despite the fact that DŸSE only hast two members, they have a talent to build up a wall of sound and breaking it down right afterwards. Their shows are striking in their way of unpredictability and intensity. True masters of Disaster!

El Patio Flamenco
… Is a flamenco school in Dresden. Head of the passionate educational establishment is Migiwa Shimizu who studied piano at the Academy of Music Carl Maria von Weber, started her apprenticeship in flamenco in 2000 and give lessons of dance since 2002.

EYLA are the voices of two young singer-songwriters who are searching their unique sound. Influenced by Jazz or Hip Hop each singer creates a different and individual sound that, in the end, match perfectly together. Besides the two singers the band includes Paul Petzold (guitar), Yiannis Brauweiler (keys), Egon Bauer (bass) and Oliver Gierke (drums).

Farid Ben Miles
In a time where ethnicities and cultures mix each other, Farid shares his love for this world with the only universal language on Earth: the Music. His compositions are inspired by a long travel he recently accomplished and he tells his stories with no need of lyrics. He’s been compared to Andy McKee, John Butler and Nick Drake. But his music doesn’t stop at his tremendous guitar techniques. He demonstrates a powerful voice transmitted to his guitar and brings us to a whole new world. Asia, North Africa, Occident are just a part of where you will find yourself dreaming.

Obstinacy apart from the mainstream: Feindrehstar describe their music as kraut club. It sounds of real instruments and the energy of long club nights. The history of the band is 15 years long already and displays worldwide tour happenings. The groovy melange of funk, house, hip hop, jazz and afrobeat thrills people beyond the European borders.

FOAMY – Music for animals and people. With his huge collection of vinyl from the whole world Philip Neues never fails to make everyone dance. He presents an exact selection from funk/soul to hip hop/ R’nB and afrobeat to electronic sounds from every decade. The main things is to feel good and dance.

Heart Island
Groove, shades of green, washed to the dark.

Breathe in and hold your breath! The time stands still. As if we were in a different universe we float with I WANT POETRY in poetic dephts, wrapped up in flowing piano melodies only carried by a voice. The Art Pop Duo Tine (voc) and Till Moritz (piano) wants nothing less than to captivate the audience. In 2016 they won the German Rock & Pop prize as "Best Alternative Band" for their extraordinary live-performance. The international musicpress is thrilled: “Magically crafted cinematic pop songs”, “incomparable lyrics poetry”, “completely detached piano pop”, “music that has never existed this way before”. Those who like Tori Amos, Florence + the Machine and Regina Spektor will fall in love with I WANT POETRY.

Inéz & Demian Kappenstein
Minimalism and reduction: Inéz has international biographic roots from the Swiss, German, France, Holland, Italy and the Jewish culture. Just as multifaceted is her music. After an opulent debut, she now scores with restraint: Nothing more than her striking voice, little used electronics and the piano – in addition to that sound magician Demian Kappenstein on the drums.

Jana Šteflíčková
The Czech songwriter graduated from the Academy of Arts and plays at the west Bohemian theatre in Cheb. As a musician she convinces with a multifaceted voice and a guitar play full of atmosphere.

An invitation to a journey with the bouzouki: Jeronÿmus is the new project of Shélhôm, the founder and frontman of “Two Wooden Stones”, a band from Leipzig. Arabian and African styles can be found in his music, paired with delta blues and folk. His metaphorical and mythological lyrics are sung with his special, powerful voice.

June Cocó
With her dark elegance she can easily be associated with Juliette Gréco, the former existentialist "It-Girl". An influence by Johnny Cash is also quite dominant but still June should not be reduced to a Cowgirl. Instead there are shades of Noise Dreampop or Ambient and always a big portion of Vintage.

Klinke auf Cinch
High-class and touching: deep harmony arrangements, clattering rhythm fundaments and the voice of one of the most talented singers of Germany make a concert experience of simple live electronica that gives you goose bumps. You can hear bits of house, jazz, pop and minimal. Virtuoso musicians enchant with elegant machines.

Kornhead // Cuthead & Jacob Korn
Kornhead is an exclusive live project of two talents of the regional electronic music scene. Dresden’s number one electro/house DJ Jacob Korn and Sample Jesus Cuthead combine broken and even beats. They’re both signed by Uncanny Valley Label. The project is mainly exclusive since they’re both often busy touring the whole world and there are barely chances for them to play at a club together.

Kristin Amparo & Combo De La Musica
They are well known in Sweden and since their debut single "Why" (Traveller Records) Combo De La Musica is the insider tip of the soul jazz scene in Europe. The band is supported by the amazing singer Kristin Amparo. She knows how to fascinate her audience with a huge variation of singing skills comparable to Amy Winehouse. The band creates a virtous night with a mixture of soul, afro and latin.
A live concert of the Combo is an impressive experience and a danceable night is guaranteed.

Lady Blue Beard
Purple glitter fills up your pores, endless impressions let your endorphines jump zigzagways, unforgettable voices tell stories of happiness and sorrow. Wide-eyed, with aroused urge to discover you're dancing deeper into the jungle, where everything seems to be bound together and still so unpredictable that it raises your hackles like small soldiers.

Lady Blue Beard mix traditional songwriting influences like Bowie and Stones with more modern sounds and spaced out harmonies à la Dirty Projectors or Radiohead. Their debut LP "Picture Of An Elephant" has been released in January 2018.

Lasse Reinstroem
The name is programme: This band from Dresden is a guarantor for a wild crowd. After a remarkable development the five musicians released their fourth album already. Psychedelic rock meets stoner, blues and punk. No song is like the other. Good work and a catching stage presence always stay the same, though.

Le Millipede ( u.a. The Notwist)
Piano, xylophone and chimes, stylophone, jazz trombone, moog and harmonium combined by the mastermind Mathias Götz. They become small, instrumental pop songs that work immediate and seemingly simply. His songs are brought on stage by artists such as The Notwist, Alien Ensemble, Aloha Input and others.

Lestat Vermon
A known face touring solo this time: Philipp Makolies is known as a guitarist of “Polarkreis 18” and “Woods of Birnam”. In the role of Lestat Vernom, he follows his love for folk. His musical gut feeling and his vision of the perfect song are what keeps his solo project going.

Loop Motor
Electronic music made with the mouth: A woman, many unimposing devices and here we go. Eventually the room shakes in an acoustic firework. Loop Motor shows what is possible with a loop-station and that you do not have to renounce bass, vocals, chords, hooklines or rap in a one-woman-show.

Los Carlos
Three guitars for a halleluja! The virtuosic Czechs of Los Carlos celebrate the finest gypsy swing. Everything started with a family story: A Sinti boy finds his calling in the Django style. With the help of his croneys, his father and a media artist friend, they found Los Carlos to turn him from a child prodigy to an international star. Let's have a look. Impressive fingerpicking with traditional gypsy jazz.

Lydia Daher & Band
When vinyl comes alive: Electric guitar, trumpet, effect units, drums and more instruments. Sounds, noises, harmonies and lyrics are improvised live, cut up and milled into vinyl with a slicing machine according to the loop-principle. The resulting sound carries is then played as an additional sound track on stage. Music then is not only an auditory experience, but also a haptic one.

Mark de Clive-Lowe
As soon as he sitting behind a piano, house classics pair with big band arrangements – all in the name of impelling, danceable grooves, everything live. As a veteran of the Broken Beat Scene, Clive-Lowe has worked with artist such as Lauryn Hill, Shirley Horn, Omar and many more. MCL has been part of many festivals including Montreal Jazz Festival, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Amsterdam Drum Rhythm and Xjazz Berlin.

Martin Seidel
Martin Seidel is a singer / songwriter who lives in Dresden. He is active in various bands since 1994 and has experienced a lot. Stylistically settled somewhere between folk, alternative, pop and country, always varied, entertaining and presented with a smile - concert evenings with Martin Seidel are intimate and intense experiences that you like to remember.

Metronome Blues
METRONOME BLUES was founded in 2015 as the post-Gerda Blank solo project by Rhys Braddock. The project quickly became a real band. The Czechs Honza Čapek and Lukáš Bauman are the backbone of Braddock's sound migrations. Tours through Germany and the Czech Republic followed and the band began to build an explosive reputation as a live band.
The eponymous first album, which appeared digital in June 2015, was produced between 2000 and 2008 in various studios: Melbourne, Tokyo, London and New Plymouth. Their second album "SIDES" was released in 2016 by Prague's Full Moon Magazine. From this two singles were disconnected: "Lonely Sun" and "War Crimes". The album "Vicious Circles" was released on 18 January 2018 by the Czech indie label Haooy Mutant.

Morlockk Dilemma
it’s been five years since the "Iron Broom" swept. Much has happened in this time. Smooth pop productions and metrosexual studio gangsters have found their way into german rap. Hip Hop - once a sacred temple, has become a fashion accessory, a self-service shop for the egomaniacs. Time to take the old dustpan from behind the cupboard and sweep the garbage off the street. A case for the Iron Broom.
Morlockk Dilemma brings back his most dangerous alter ego. "The Iron Broom II" is the cold slaughter plate for the gourmet friends of raw fare. Advanced Battle rap: more punchlines, more rhyme chains, more beat breaks. Morlockk Dilemma - The Iron Broom II - It's time for a "return".
Yes, there is a charm in the dark streets of a big city. Although they are full of treacherous abysses, they are nevertheless a source of inspiration and the scene of many modern works.
"Hexenkessel" by Brenk Sinatra and Morlockk Dilemma is such a work: a breathless trip through the nightly metropolis, an ode to the Moloch in two acts. These are stories from the city, between unlimited power and powerlessness, sparkling wine and hangover breakfast, penthouse and gutter ...

Mother Princess
Self-experience you cannot fight back: Mother Princess bring bittersweet melodies to your ears, make your body move to dark basses and top it off with handmade electro beats. As a listener you lie there and feel what is happening to you.

MRS Female Rap
MRS Female Rap are Mrs. Rose and RapShiva. Since 2012 both rappers work together on stage and in the studio. In 2017 they released "Keine Liebe EP" Their self-written lyrics include autobiographic experiences as well as fictional elements. .

Nadine Maria Schmidt
Warm and honest: A deep female voice that makes you listen up. She squeaks, coos, whispers, snaps, screams and carols in her songs about love, suffering and life. The lyrics are going deep into interhuman relations without losing her grip on reality.

Neustädter Harz
The Neustädter Harz is a four-men-rap-formation from Dresden.
NH consists of the two rappers and producers joclevski and Gisela Björn, the producer
and DJ Franzman, as well as the DJ of the group Doggtor Dresden.
The sound image of the band feeds on the classic BoomBap hip-hop of the 90s and the wide sound worlds of modern electronic music.
The text spectrum of the two rappers ranges from detailed stories between fantasy and reality as well as authentic Battlerap, about political content (for a cosmopolitan society!) to a poetry of daily impressions and feelings.
NH have no image, the texts are honest, the beats reflect the producers´emotions instead of current trends.
It is a movement, the origin is the Dresden Neustadt, but the Harz is decentralized.

Never Sol
Strong connection to songwriting, intricate chord progressions, synths and voice are the cornerstones. At times, her songs veer into David Lynch territory: full-bodied, thick and eerie. Other times, spare and open – just her voice, and a few carefully placed instrumental flourishes. Putting contrasts to an equal level, epic basis that is expressed hand in hand with delicateness and tenderness.
Sára is an alumna of Jazz Academy of music in Prague, a place of her birth and current residence, and this clearly shows in her technique that complements her devotion to express fragile emotions. The debut album Under Quiet (2013) resulted from her two-year collaboration with Jan P. Muchow (otherwise known from his electronic and shoegaze band Ecstasy of Saint Theresa). The album was well received in Czech Republic and was nominated for several czech awards. In 2014 Under Quiet was re-released world wide by Denovali Records. Never Sol participated at the Tokyo 2014 edition of Red Bull Music Academy and she also performs with Tomáš Dvořák's electro-acoustic project Floex. She also composes music for the contemporary dance performances with choreographer Jana Burkiewiczova.
In 2018 Never Sol performed at the most famous European show-case festival Eurosonic in Groningen.

No Jaws
Ruction which asks to dance: With descriptions like drumsticks on guitar strings, Nerds in Sonic Youth-Nickis, roadblocks in the 90s or creaking guitar amplifiers captured the musical spirit of this band. Dissonant feedback and dirty garage-dance-punk carry the philosophy of No Jaws: They see themselves as a part of a movement that it is tired of having to listen to bad music of bands with good band name.

Ogrom Circus
After seven years of existence, Support Show for “WISHBONE ASH” in 2010, one year break in 2012 and subsequent reunion with new name and new instument, the quintet still fires up any audience with its overpowering, soulful guitar solos, mix of alternative blues rock, heartbreaking vocal harmonies, and psychedelic space trips. With the duplication of guitar and the help of an exhilarating rhythm group, three vocal voices and an organ, the young musicians combine the old with the new and give the listener the feeling of hearing old, familiar sounds, which nevertheless become something completely different and revive the psychedelic Rock genre of the 70 ́s in new ways. In 2014 they released their Debut on Timezone Records: 6 Songs, somewhere between Psychedelic Rock, Folk and Blues.

Paula i Karol
Pioneers of the polish indie pop scene: Paula and Karol began their joined musical times at backyard parties and street corners. As time passed they collected a varied group of musicians from Warsaw around them. Heart-touching lyrics and melodies combine pop, folk, punk and alternative.

Planet Ion
Extraterrestrial bass waves, rhythmic patterns and frequencies, varied in pitch level and amplitude, are sent through the depths of the space from this planet. Ufostep at its finest! Party!

Please The Trees
Please The Trees is a psychedelic rock band from the Czech Republic. They have been following intuitively the trail of inspiration for ten years now. Their live reputation precedes them, and what a reputation it is: an all enveloping, intense and soulful sound that puts pretenders in their place. The band received Czech Grammy award for the best alternative record of 2012 with their third album A Forest Affair.

Proletheus & Heller Than Hell
Heller Than Hell (Dresden Psych Family/Proletheus & Heller Than Hell) has been looking for their musical satisfaction between garage, RnB, funk, soul, latin jazz as well as new psych and krautrock since 2010. Aside from performing in many clubs in Dresden, he had the chance to play his genre diverse show in Greece, Austria, Czech Republic and Swiss.

RANY stands for the singer Rany Dabbagh which stands for German-English music. Somewhere between soul, groove, acoustic, pop, rock and jazz - with intelligent lyrics, stirring lyrical and political at the same time. Versed supported by three accomplished supporters. In short: Four musicians are making music. The main focus is on spontaneity, looseness and quality. After all, you only live once.

Schmutzige Teenager
Fabulous sound landscapes, lyrical sophistication and a certain atmosphere of bankrupt. Their stories are about pain, waking nights and the fist in the pocket. Listen to the instrument killers of the Schmutzige Teenager: Thigh G's dark 808 ballads, GPunk by R.B.Rattenjunge and Chi MOFOs Beatmantren. Listen when TyGRRR is cursing again and M. Messer is speaking in Saxon dialect. Nip a glass of dislike with Hans Hass, let NODRAMA insult you as a cuck and be there live when Fritz Schmutz processes his Swabian origin in liver damage blues.

Schraubenyeti & Das Mammut
Schraubenyeti plays rough and honest folk music. After 10 years of self written music in different projects Martin Lischke released Schraubenyeti's debut album "Ein Tier am Klavier" in 2015. With the release of the EP "Out of Rooteeny" the band "Das Mammut" was founded and adds a more powerfull sound to the yeti.

Sepalot (former Blumentopf) knows how to present their amazing as well as succeeded fusion of archaic rhythms and spherical closeness. He stands for innovative, electronic music beyond mainstream pop music and proofs his talent of connecting his technical know-how with feelings. The result is as eclectic as galvanic. Whatever Sepalot touches, carries his thumbprint – that mix of unique aesthetic and acoustic dedication. Searched for and found.

Sidi Wacho
A Chilean cumbiero, a French rapper, Cuban percussions, an accordion and a trumpet from the Balkans: Sidi Wacho is a new collective that is hard to classify. With them you will travel, dance, sing and raise your fist.
You are waiting for an avalanche of “Buenas Ondas”? Just so you don’t get me wrong: Sidi Wacho is no cumbia, rap or Balkan music… Sidi Wacho has a vibe of Lille (France) and Santiago (Chile) with committed and risqué lyrics that remind of Lucha Sigue.

When melancholy and madness meet: the post-rockers from Spoiwo can look back at numerous gigs with famous bands as well as the award as best newcomer of post rock bands worldwide! In 2015 they released their debut album.

Stina Mari
German soul with wanderlust: Stina Mari is the combination of lyrics of thoughtfulness and a voice of velvet. Her debut ep “Wohin” is musically varied in different styles. With her German pop songs Stina Mari calls for dancing and doesn´t need more for that than a stage and her guitar.

Sugar Candy Mountain
Sugar Candy Mountain from LA will bring marvellous, psychedelic 60’s pop hymns from sunny California. Founded to release the albums of the Roaring 420s, the label opened up to new bands such as Bigfoot, the Blank Tapes and Sugar Candy Mountain.
Fuzzy guitar riffs meet dreamy organ music, shimmering keyboard sounds and sprawling drums. Sugar Candy Mountain is primarily Ash Reiter whose voice - Crooner-like with the cold warmth of Francoise Hardy characterises the songs, while Will Halsey supports the songs with his voice with the ease of Lennon. Their music is something between the 60’s classics of Laurel Canyon and modern Psych-pop such as Flaming Lips and Tame Impala.

Susann Großmann
Here today, gone tomorrow: Susann is forever searching. Striking roots is not her thing at all. Not even in her music and that is why she gets comfortable with her guitar anywhere between pop, folk and soul. With her expressive voice and her stories of life she lands precisely – exactly in the audience`s hearts.

Thabet Azzawi
An oriental kick: He started to take over the music when he was eight. Actually he studied medicine. The tact you need for that is also needed when paying the oud. The oriental short-necked lute is part of Thabet’s life since he was nine years old. He perfected his skills in numerous workshops. Musically he arranges the characteristic oriental sound of the lute with different genres of the world music.

The Gentle Lurch
Roughly indie folk, often polyphonic, which sounds on one hand ancient as if it wants to rest in soft beauty. On the other hand the music keeps on taking unexpected directions and produces experimental song structures.
All members of The Gentle Lurch were born in the depths of the Saxon Erzgebirge and live now in Dresden. Surely not the first adresses for this music genre. But the interesting things often happen on the sidelines.
"Dresden‘s Answer to Wilco ‐ a sprawling, experimental epic…" stated the experts of The ROLLING STONE draws parallels to Lambchop & the Tindersticks and the INTRO concludes: "When everyone in the gospel choir enters into the lovely duet of Cornelia Mothes and Lars Hiller, sentences such as" Let our failure on our pillow "grow to strong worldly wisdom, which one would like to quote as a grandmother."

The Red Aerostat
Four young guys, two defining styles and a unique sound: Christoph, Joseph, Raphael and Max have the goal to affect their audience with deep songs and a mix of folk and rock.

Tinka & The Blank Faced
Tinka & The Blank Faced is a mash up of five different characters. Inspired by Rykah Badu, The Roots and Hiatus Kaiyote they try to find a common place in music. Due to their different musical background they can't be reduced to one genre. The range includes Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Power Hop. Just music to dance or relax to.

Trains on Fire
Something between an overwhelming high and moody naivety: danceable, melancholic and experimental – that’s the music of Trains On Fire. They combine adrift directness with floating surfaces. Guitars, synthesizer, two-part vocals and electronic beats shape a mixture of synth pop, indietronic and wave.

Victor Rice
Victor Rice was able to put his mark on a whole retro-Jamaican era both as a musician and as a producer. In 1988 he started his career and was founding member of the "Stubborn Allstars" and the "New York Ska Jazz Ensemble". He was on tour with Laurel Aitken and Desmond Dekker. Afterwards he advanced to one of the main figures of the New York Ska scene. In 2010 he produced the album "A Thousand Faces" for the Dresdner band "Yellow Umbrellas". During the last years he was on tour with his one-man-dub-show amongst others in europe, for example at the Fusion Festival in Germany and the Mighty Sounds Festival in Czech. Now he returns to Germany - nobody should miss that!

Werner Krauss
“More like a gang than a band!” – That’s probably the best way to describe the character and synergy of Werner Krauss, four guys from Leipzig. That falls into place as soon as you meet them – no matter if it’s a concert or an after-show party: their music is an inherent part of their friendship of many years and is more or less a romp on the playground of modern indie music. Their fundament consists of beat, bass and bass drum and is completed by guitars, synth sounds and melodic vocals. Four minds and the most different influences are the reason that even the least dance-crazy people do dance. Werner Krauss is music and the idea to dedicate every song to a new chapter of their friendship.

White Shore
Stepping out of the white noise of music in Dresden, White Shore drift and drive between brute walls of guitar sounds and energetically floeating lightness, in a sea of dreamy longing. Their sincere Dream Pop, both thrilling and liberating at the same time, propels a new awakening.

Wine And Grine
A night full of Boss Reggae, Rock Steady, Ska & Roots.