Albrecht Wassersleben
In 2010 he was one of the minds behind the electronic dance music label Uncanny Valley, and later its sister-label Shtum, releasing both German and international artists.

In addition to curating festivals and clubs, Wassersleben is also a renowned DJ, with his name on sought-after billings for clubs and festivals like Panorama Bar (Berghain), Robert Johnson, Golden Pudel Club, Nachtdigital and Melt Festival.

böse & gemein @ MusicMatch
böse & gemein are hosting the MusicMatch festival Friday at scheune.

I Drew Blank, Deutsche Laichen

böse & gemein is a queer feminist concert booking collective from Dresden. Their focus lies on punk and music, and on strengthening female positions on and off stage.

Christoball & die Koketterie
From a bittersweet tango that makes you visualize our earth as a giant stage full of possibilities to a baroque-ish soul piece about that intimate moment of waking up in your lover‘s arms, Christoball musically dissects life in every possible angle without any fear of shame or social anxiety. Because if there‘s one thing that his compositions and writings can make you do, it‘s to conjure up the deeprooted worries and insecurities that make you feel lonely and isolated. . . and then just laugh them away in good company!
At MusicMatch Christoball performs with "die Koketterie" - a variable ensemble from classical instruments to electric band setups.

Der Bürgermeister der Nacht
Escalation, change and violation of well known structures. "Der Bürgermeister der Nacht" is a pop band from Hamburg. With their hypnotic melodies they create an own mythology for the dark sides of every city, for night life, for excess and passion.

Deutsche Laichen
Deutsche Laichen is energetic and highly melodic punk with Riot Grrrl attitude. Straight in your face the lyrics of the band from Göttingen take a clear stand what they support and what they refuse. My cunt my business.

Electric Fluid
Electric Fluid is atmospheric guitars, grooving bass and impulsive drums. Since 2018 they play what the atmosphere asks for: slow and wallowing or complex electronic structures.

Ella Janes
Ella Janes is a British folk musician, whose love for writing first took the form of short stories, later combining with her passion for music to become songwriting. In 2017, Ella was invited to appear at the TEDx event ‘2037: The Future is Our Present’ in Rome, where she performed a series of original songs exploring areas of science and philosophy. She also composed for TEDx Dresden’s 2018 conference 'Listen', where she performed in late August. Ella supported Jools Holland at eight dates on his 2018 Summer and Winter UK tours, finishing with a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 1st December. She opened 2019 with her new single 'Passenger Plane' and is set to release new original music throughout the year.

EmotionallyAbsentmindedConsideration is a mixture of ambient and electro. A dark surface added with some hopefull sounds to create a deep atmosphere.

FCKR are from Leipzig/Germany and they play classic GDR Deutschpunk in the style of the legendary "Schleim Keim" very simple with keyboard organ and typical Saxony dialect!

I Drew Blank
I Drew Blank is a Berlin trio consisting of Dominik Jureschko of White Hand Gibbon, Eilis Frawley of Party Fears and Oyemi Hessou of Jaguwar. I Drew Blank make music with an authentic indie grit and a welcome directness, assisted by Dominik and Oyemi‘s offhand vocals and an uncluttered room sound. Locked down by razor wire guitar and a solid rhythm section, I Drew Blank provide the tonic to an increasingly frenetic lifestyle. described their latest single 'So far' as a "burst of summery indie fuzzpop on a frozen cold morning" and declared it as "much needed!"

project: rubikon
With project: rubikon, producer Johannes Hautop realises his vision of forward-looking electro-acoustic music. Delicate guitar sounds are mixed with a deep bass, impulsive drums and organic soundscapes. The result is an emotional and physically moving experience. An expedition that, despite all intelligent sound design, never loses its beat-driven club music roots.

MusicMatch party presented by TOLERAVE.

Tolerave is an alliance between players from the electronic music scene in Dresden and civil activists. Together they fight racism and ignorance. Organising concerts and partys they gather all kinds of people to escape the daily routine and create a space where lifestyle, origin and sexuality do not matter.

Yetundey adds a lot of flow, skills, afro beats and trap to MusicMatch. Shifting between different rap genres, the deep bass is the connecting element for all her tracks. The lyrics are filled with irony and social criticism. Her song "Yeye from Africa" refers to her experiences of being a woman of colour in Saxony. We are really looking forward to her sharing this perspective on stage of MusicMatch festival.

Zugezogen Maskulin
Back to the roots. Bringing back social criticism to German hip hop, Zugezogen Maskulin address anger about the current tendencies in politics and society. In this context it is not surprising that the title of their latest album "Alle gegen Alle" is a reference to the famous German punk band Slime. But reducing the record to simple aggression would ignore the intelligence behind the detailed obervations of all parts of our society.