MusicMatch 2016 – Short Review

1. August 2016

175 participants of the conference, about 1250 guest at the festival… MusicMatch was not only a success considering the numbers. From 29.04 to 01.05.2016 it was the first time there was an event in Saxony that dedicated itself to pop music regarding theoretical and practical things.


At 11 conference panels exciting topics came up: music assistance through airplay on the radio, marketing of artist, transnational cultural exchange… The panel discussions that were full of high-quality people made it possible to get an interesting insight on an artistic as well as economic and cultural political level.


The festival concerts happened in seven clubs, on eight stages showed a very active and productive regional music scene. 28 bands conjured a smile on the audience’s faces when being on stage and some surprise will really stay in lots of memories. Talking about a second time would be too early now, but there definitely is a chance! We are delighted about this successful weekend and are thanking all the partners, artists, sponsors and curious guest who made a go of this weekend!