Invitation to MusicMatch Conference

16. März 2017

We would like to invite all interested people to the MusicMatch Conference (former Club nEuropa) in Dresden. Together we will discuss interesting questions and problems of the Saxon music scene and the Eastern Europe music business. MusicMatch thrives on the participation of various actors of the music business from Saxon and Europe. That’s why it is important that you are part of it.

MusicMatch Conference

The MusicMatch Conference takes place in Dresden 21 April – 23 April.

To participate on the conference is free of charge. You only have to register.

We draw 5 x 2 tickets for the MusicMatch Festival among all registrations which reach us until 20 March. Good luck!

Excerpt of the conference program

International panels and discussions
  • The rare species – Women in music industry
  • Goodbye Merkel? – We wanna play abroad!
  • You’re welcome! – How to get my band to Germany?
  • Organising Chaos – The technology of event organisation
Presentation of Laibach member Ivan Novak
  • “Laibach, North Korea & The Sound of Music”


We’re looking forward to see you at the MusicMatch conference!