MusicMatch – Interview with I Want Poetry

20. April 2018

MusicMatch – Interview with I Want Poetry


As part of the MusicMatch Festival we will welcome I Want Poetry on stage at Blue Note on saturday at 21:30. Beforehand we could reach Tine and Till Moritz for a short interview and asked them eight questions. What they told us? Read for yourself!


When and how occured your passion for music?
The music has always been there and comes from deep inside. Like a home we carry within us, where we are happy.


How did you chose your bandname “I Want Poetry”?
The name is a quotation by Aldous Huxley out of his book “Brave New World”: “But I don´t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin.”
So speaks someone who is only called “the savage” by everybody in the book – because he is different and values freedom more than comfort. This desire to live unconditionally with all up- and downsides inspires us and expresses everything we wish for our lifes. Yes, we want art, we want individualism, we want to feel and dream. We want adventure, courage and love!


What makes your music unique and what inspires you to write songs?
For us it is always a wonder where the songs come from. But when we invite them, they show up. Often the melodies itself tell us their stories, mostly they are about being human: How do we treat each other and ourselves, what motivates us? We are a lot on tour and always experience new, marvelous and exciting encounters. This is what inspires us.


Which song are you proud of most?
Our songs are like children, you can´t really favor one – each has its own character. Important to us is that they don´t stay at home like delegated on a platform. They want to explore the world, want to be played and heard. Because together with the audience they evolve a special magic. Therefore we are looking forward to our performance at MusicMatch and afterwards to our first tour in Switzerland in may.


A life without music would be …
Music has always been our life.


How do you describe your victory at the German Rock & Pop Award?
After the nomination of our album TALES it was a huge surprise to be invited in the main category “Best Alternative Band” as well. When we performed in the final we were only two persons with a piano between hundred fantastic bands – that the jury chose us for the first place was extremely exciting.


How did you find each other?
How it always happens: The right things come to you when you expect them the least. I had just moved to Dresden when I coincidantally read an announcement in the newspapers. It simply said “singer searches songwriter” but suddenly I had goosebumps. This was the moment I knew: That is it.


When we met for the first time we hit it off right away and already started writing the first songs together. We both knew: This encounter changes everything. This is something you experience only once in a lifetime.


Do you have particular rituals before a concert? If so, which ones?
Approximately 20 minutes before arises an uncontainable joy – we love to play live.


We are excitedly looking forward to the performance of I Want Poetry at the MusicMatch Festival!
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