MusicMatch – Interview with Martin Seidel

24. April 2018

MusicMatch – Interview with Martin Seidel


As part of the MusicMatch Festival we are happy to welcome singer-songwriter Martin Seidel. Don´t miss out his performance on saturday at 20:00 at the Blue Note.

Beforehand we could reach Martin for a brief interview and asked him seven questions. What he told us? Read for yourself!


1. When and how occured your passion for music?
I was practically raised with it. In my early childhood my mother always sang with me and let me listen to vinyl records. The music has always been there. But it got really serious when I started to take singing lessons and founded my first band. Since I started my solo program my passion has only grown stronger.


2. Your new solo album is called “Comin´ Home”. What do you want to express with the title and the songs?
The title has a triple function: For one thing “Comin´Home” is the first song I wrote with the intention to start with my solo carreer one day, further it is the cover track of the album and thirdly it is the opening song as well. Everything started with this song and after many years that I played in several bands I finally get back to it, I am literally “coming home”. The songs of this album show my development as songwriter and thematise personal issues, my experiences and thougths that I want to share this way.


3. Your life without music would be …
Freely adapted from Nietzsche: a mistake.


4. What are your biggest influences or idols?
There are so many that I can´t really name one because I am not directly aware of them. The world is crowded by great songs and singers and we get more every day … When I hear good music which reaches my soul it influences and inspires me automatically. Wether this might be Folk, Soul, Bluegrass, Jazz or Black Metal doesn´t matter at all.


5. Do you have particular rituals before a concert? If so, which ones?
I change. Mostly I have a clean shirt with me to wear at the performance. I´m kind of skimming over the performance situation (and afterwards off again). Apart from that I try not to drink too much alcohol so I don´t forget all my texts.


6. What attracted you from the spa town of Bad Schlema in the Ore Mountains to Dresden?
We have to change this question. I was born in Schlema, but I grew up in Zschorlau. Therefore:
6. What attracted you from Zschorlau in the Ore Mountains to Dresden?
I moved here to study and somehow got stuck in this city. Meanwhile I´ve settled down, I am “well connected”, as they say nowadays. Dresden is a fantastic city with great development opportunities for artists and musicians, and I try to make the most of that for myself. Besides, it isn´t excessively far from hom either so I can be there in about one and a half hour if necessary.


7. Tell us a musician´s joke!
There are so many funny ones. These are my favorites:
What’s a drummer doing at the Postplatz? He waits for the one…
What is the difference between a trampoline and a banjo? – Before you jump around on the trampoline, you take off your shoes…


We are happily looking forward to Martin Seidel´s performance at the MusicMatch Festival!


You got curious? Then check out Martin´s website and Facebook page. It´s worth it!
You don´t have a ticket yet? Click here to get one!