Morlockk Dilemma




hip hop

it’s been five years since the "Iron Broom" swept. Much has happened in this time. Smooth pop productions and metrosexual studio gangsters have found their way into german rap. Hip Hop - once a sacred temple, has become a fashion accessory, a self-service shop for the egomaniacs. Time to take the old dustpan from behind the cupboard and sweep the garbage off the street. A case for the Iron Broom.
Morlockk Dilemma brings back his most dangerous alter ego. "The Iron Broom II" is the cold slaughter plate for the gourmet friends of raw fare. Advanced Battle rap: more punchlines, more rhyme chains, more beat breaks. Morlockk Dilemma - The Iron Broom II - It's time for a "return".
Yes, there is a charm in the dark streets of a big city. Although they are full of treacherous abysses, they are nevertheless a source of inspiration and the scene of many modern works.
"Hexenkessel" by Brenk Sinatra and Morlockk Dilemma is such a work: a breathless trip through the nightly metropolis, an ode to the Moloch in two acts. These are stories from the city, between unlimited power and powerlessness, sparkling wine and hangover breakfast, penthouse and gutter ...