Neustädter Harz





The Neustädter Harz is a four-men-rap-formation from Dresden.
NH consists of the two rappers and producers joclevski and Gisela Björn, the producer
and DJ Franzman, as well as the DJ of the group Doggtor Dresden.
The sound image of the band feeds on the classic BoomBap hip-hop of the 90s and the wide sound worlds of modern electronic music.
The text spectrum of the two rappers ranges from detailed stories between fantasy and reality as well as authentic Battlerap, about political content (for a cosmopolitan society!) to a poetry of daily impressions and feelings.
NH have no image, the texts are honest, the beats reflect the producers´emotions instead of current trends.
It is a movement, the origin is the Dresden Neustadt, but the Harz is decentralized.