The Gentle Lurch




rough indie folk

Roughly indie folk, often polyphonic, which sounds on one hand ancient as if it wants to rest in soft beauty. On the other hand the music keeps on taking unexpected directions and produces experimental song structures.
All members of The Gentle Lurch were born in the depths of the Saxon Erzgebirge and live now in Dresden. Surely not the first adresses for this music genre. But the interesting things often happen on the sidelines.
"Dresden‘s Answer to Wilco ‐ a sprawling, experimental epic…" stated the experts of The ROLLING STONE draws parallels to Lambchop & the Tindersticks and the INTRO concludes: "When everyone in the gospel choir enters into the lovely duet of Cornelia Mothes and Lars Hiller, sentences such as" Let our failure on our pillow "grow to strong worldly wisdom, which one would like to quote as a grandmother."