Albrecht Ziepert

Albrecht Ziepert is a successful musician and composer. He is pianist of the bands "Pentatones" and "No Accident in Paradise".
Since 2008 he is composing for contemporary dance companies, theatre productions, orchestras and bands. In 2010 he won an award for his filmmusic to "Stiller See" at the Novara Cine Festival in Milan. One year later Ziepert became music director at the Deutsches Theater in Göttingen. In 2012 he arranged his first commissioned work for orchestra with the renowned MDR Symphony Orchestra. His album "Faust - Music for Theatre", which he composed especially for the play „Faust! Der Tragödie erster und zweiter Teil“, was published in October 2013 and re-composed for a concert with the Jena Philharmonic in 2015. Since then the German has worked for various theatres in Europe and teaches at universities.

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