Bernd Schweinar

Born in 1959. Since 1991 he is Bavarian director of rock and manager of Rock Büro SÜD aka Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. as well as art director of the Bavarian music academy Schloss Alteglofsheim (its focuses are pop music, new media and pedagogy) in personal union since 2011. The VPBy e.V. is a network of almost 100 of the best-known clubs and festivals and further promoters in Bavaria by now.
First a commercial training, later many years as a music journalist for a lot of Bavarian and nationwide print media. Numerous references as a photographer of rock music, too. He developed many supporting projects for pop music in Bavaria as well as at federal level and realised them in dialogue with ministries of economics and art, and sponsors. Member of diverse expert panels at federal level.

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