Borek Jirik

Borek Jirik, born in 1980, studied social sciences at the Karls-University in Prague but defected to live event industry. His carrier started at small club level shows in Prague and Saxony, but later grew to bigger venues, festivals, international artists and arena shows, to include collaboration with artists such as Tom Waits, Green Day, EU tours with Red Hot Chilli Peppers or ZZ Top and more. Since 2011 he is mainly active on the international scene of Event Safety and organizes workshops in CZ in close collaboration with Universities, the CZ Ministry of Interior and various non-profit organizations. His current occupation is involvement in Event Safety Lab collective, which is responsible for analysis of legal and socioeconomic live event industry environment in the Czech Republic published at

WebsiteEvent organization and safety analysis ? Run Away…Is politics more destructive to an event organization than inclement weather?