Elza Ferreira Neto

Elza Ferreira Neto was the founder of Oficina da Courela in 2005 and has been its president since then. Oficina da courela is a non-profit organization that works on research and development of traditional music and dance, but in a perspective of finding new “spaces” in a contemporary cultural movement and not its preservation in the past. In the early years, its work was mostly at a national level, Portugal, developing research on traditions and music instruments. Since 2009, however, Oficina da Courela, lead by Elza Neto has developed mostly international projects. It has been part of the project Show Europe – Show Belarus, Ocarina project, Transzkaukazja, Traditional Music project, among others. The early international projects were concentrated mostly on Europe. However, in the later years, the focus has turned to Africa, South America and Pacific. Elza Neto has studied classical guitar in the United States and for a period of time performed in that country and later in Portugal. However, later became more of a producer and researcher, with much involvement in the creation of cultural policies at a local level. In 2013 completed a Master Degree in Cultural heritage management.