György de Val

For more than 13 years György De Val has been up to mischief behind his turntables. He has tried out a lot. In 2004 he started with sets with three turntables and one sampler where he cut tracks into pieces and in doing so created completely new ones. Accepting his fate he began with digital DJ’ing in 2008 (due to a burglary two of his fully packed record cases found a new unknown owner). By now György started doing whatever he liked and got a few DJ skills in passing. Since then his tracks are looped, sampled and merged that you can’t stand still anymore.
Since 2009 he displays a video show thanks to the tool Video SL where he lensed all videos himself and adjusted everything to the music exactly. What came into existence eventually is a symbiosis of wicked beats and animations that he mixes during his DJ sets live.
It’s no wonder that he can be found behind his turntables in clubs all over Germany frequently and that his mix of breaks, ghetto funk and dubstep got him invited to Austria, Estonia and Poland. His greatest honour must have been in 2010 when he had the chance to fill the German pavilion with sound at the closing event of the Expo in Shanghai. At that he was the officially last act and only DJ at the Expo. With that in mind it is not surprising that he was voted to be DJ of the year by the readers of the magazine SAX in 2009.
When he is for once not DJ’ing, György is working as a producer for Konrad Kuechenmeister among others and is always looking for new talents for his label spur1-music. Besides that he is host of the show spur1 that is broadcasted once a month in Dresden and that has been dedicated to electronic beats for more than 10 years now.