Ina Keßler

• Born on 4th March, 1961 in Cologne, Germany
• After her graduation in 1980: pedagogy studies with focus on media education at RWTH Aachen and the Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn
• Graduation 1985 as a qualified media pedagogue. After that she worked as academic staff member in the audiovisual media centre of the University of Cologne and taught computer literacy and telecommunications
• From 1990 to 2000 she worked for the city of Cologne in the field of media planning, from 1995 as deputy manager in the administrative department for media economics in the office of the chief municipal director.
• At the same time she was volunteering managing chairperson of the Zentrum für Interaktive Medien e.V., Cologne (“centre for interactive media”).
• From 2000 to 2008 Keßler worked at “Berlin Partner” where she as Senior Consultant International was responsible for the fields of media, IT and creative industry focused on music. While doing that she supported many companies with getting started.
• Since 2008 she is the manager of Initiative Musik gGmbH of the supporting institution of the Federal Government and music economics for rock, pop and jazz music in Germany