Irakli Mikiani

Basically I was more than actively involved in organizing One Caucasus Festival 2015. Festival is annually being held in village Tserakvi, Marneuli region, Georgia and it included:
- Workshops for local youth;
- Partipatory budget arrangement for Marneuli region;
- Music Concerts during three days (27, 28, 29 of August).
I myself was organizing workshop for local Azerbaijani children – how to create an effective presentation and how to be more confident during presenting.
Music Concerts seem to be a basic part of our hard work in Marneuli Region. Basically a lot of different-style musicians get together on our festival and what they do together is an unforgettable thing. We are more than proud of the main principle of OC Concert which means that every musician despite his/her existing repertoire has to perform something new and mix with other musicians. I myself was seeking for musicians mainly from Georgia who had enough artistic resources for creating something priceless spontaneously with other musicians. During the concert my responsibilities were to work on concert agenda and manage technical issues connected to musicians.
Moreover I used to be involved in promotions team during preparations for OC Festival. I was
supervising online marketing and public relations at some level. What’s more I was in charge of One
Caucasus web-page and translated web-page contents from Georgian to English and vice versa.

Additional information: I am a project manager of Young Liberals of Georgia for freedom. We actively
collaborate with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in South Caucasus. We are working on
several projects together.
I am studying at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
I have once worked for Adami Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe as an event manager.