Karsten Schölermann

Karsten Schölermann (born in 1960) was musician in the beginning of the 80‘s – then he studied business. Since 1983 he runs “KNUST” in Hamburg.
Since 2012 he is the president of the federal ground association “LIVEKOMM” and board member of Hamburg’s club foundation.
His activities in Hamburg include the events “Rockspektakel” and “Hafenrock” (celebrating the harbour’s birthday) – that both have been part of the Hanseatic city’s rock music program and is manageable without subventions or entrance fees. Together with his work partner Eberhard Gugel he is co-owner of LOGO since 1994 and furthermore has taken over the managing position of the Jazz and Hip-Hop club “Stellwerk” that was threatened to no longer exist.
His even gamut is completed by about a dozen running events. As a longtime track athlete he is responsible for the 10-kilometre-run around the Alster and the half marathon of Hamburg since 1990 – both belong to the biggest ones in Germany.