Luk Sponselee

Luk Sponselee operates as an independent curator and organizer in the cultural field. This besides his activities as filmmaker, musician and visual artist.
Since his early years he has started different cultural organizations which stichting Zesde Kolonne (foundation 6th Kolonne) has his main focus since 1984. The Zesde Kolonne is the initiator and founder of Aktiviteitencentrum 2B (Cultural Activity Center 2B in the centre of Eindhoven – NL – 1984-2002), Re.Bound (Stage of the Unfinished, also in the centre of Eindhoven – 2002-2007) and Artspace Flipside (workspace, stage, gallery and social cultural experiment in a northern suburb of Eindhoven – 2007 till now). Together with foreign partners the Zesde Kolonne organized international cultural event in Belarus, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, France and Belgium.
As an artist Luk Sponselee has made many short and several full feature films , now working as a camera operator and editor, played in different bands and ensembles. Lately his main artistic works are with The Flipside Paradox (improvisation ensemble around a nucleus together with various group of different musicians) photography and 3D work (assemblages and collages).
Currently he lives in Antwerp (Belgium) and works in the Netherlands, with Eindhoven as his base.