Markus Rennhack

Markus Rennhack, born in Zwickau in 1980, started composing and recording at the age of about 13. He moved to Leipzig with his band Unloved in 2003 where he ventured to achieve a working balance between university and concert venues. After the release of the two EPs “My Way To Run” (2004) and “Killersongs” (2006) he graduated in political sciences and got his diploma in 2009. His first commercial full-length record release with Unloved (“Pay One Bliss With Another”) has been released in february 2015 and culminated in international touring. Music is his life. To help making a living off it, he became a member of GEMA in 2003. After a long up-hill battle with social welfare institutions over the freedom to make music that demands high flexibility but doesn’t generate enough income, he eventually started working for the independent music publisher Kick The Flame and thus maintained a way to keep living and working for music – be it his own or everyone else’s who he represents. An early author’s rights activist, Markus became an expert on a varity of licensing schemes as well as on Performance Rights Organisations. He has been part of numerous panels on GEMA, C3S and author’s rights in general, some of them as host and discussion leader. In 2015 he has been elected for delegate by the composers among the affiliated and extraordinary members of GEMA. His stance on C3S is sympathetic to the idea but highly critical about the realisation as seen since 2012.