Mirca Lotz

Mirca Lotz is a booker, promoter, event organizer and passionate cook based in Munich – but often to be found elsewhere in the world. She is part of „innen.aussen.raum e.V.“ a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting live music events in off locations: from the riverside to the factory where the orient express was built, innen.aussen.raum aims to find special places. From this venture the booking agency [fwd: like waves] developed booking shows in Europe, the UK and occasionally abroad for international bands. The agency also stages shows in various locations in Munich (and Leipzig): from the Milla Club, a puppet theatre to parks. Mirca additionally promotes shows and events for Filmfest Munich as well as for die Urbanauten. Together with JJ Weihl from Fenster she is running the international project Videokills putting on silent movies with orginal live musical scores. She is the co-founder of European Women in Music, a new Europe-wide network based on learning, sharing, connecting and exchange for women in the music industry and connected creative fields.

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