Stef Fridael

Stef Fridael is a Dutch Contemporary artist born in Indonesia. He studies in the early 70s at the School of Graphic Art in Eindhoven The Netherlands. After his studies he works as a Graphic artist but decided to goes in military service. After his military service he picks up the profession as an artist and joins the artists group “Zesde Kolonne” who have residence at Artspace Flipside Eindhoven. Stef Fridael meanwhile has exhibited in various Galleries, Museums and Art-Institutions in the Netherlands, Monaco, Belgium and Germany. In the art of Stef Fridael its all about the instincts of humans. Fear, lust, safety, abuse, courage, To be or not To be. In clear words Money, Power, Prestige and status. All this displayed in a context of twisted images dictated by TV, the Internet and other media. With this he attempt by the work to loosen discussion on the given image or experience.