Stephan Leonhardt

Stephan Leonhardt has found morning glory concerts in January 2015. It was followed by various concerts in clubs in Dresden. The focus is on cultural scene in Poland, which was introduced in the line called „This Is Poland“ not just through concerts but also exhibitions. In the case of morning glory concerts he was the co-founder and in the year 2012 he started a festival “Drüben auf dem Hügel“ which he led until 2014.

As a DIY organizer he started in 2009 and learned everything on his own. After numerous concerts and three festivals with more than 100 artists, in 2011 he organized the first Germany tour of Ewert and The Two Dragons (EST) and the next tour of Paula & Karol (PL).

KAMP!(PL), BOKKA (PL), Rebeka(PL), The Wave Pictures (UK), Girls Names(IRL), Human Tetris(RUS), Mozes And The Firstborn(NL), Naked Lunch(AUS), Velojet(AUS), Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin(USA), Jeffrey Lewis (USA), Schwervon!(USA), Wreckless Eric (UK), The Babies (USA)