Tatiana Lehocká

Tatiana manages young and promising Slovak musicians that aspire to play abroad and books international tours for them. Under the brand Real Something she also promotes shows for foreign bands in Bratislava. In October 2015 Real Something set up a first edition of Real Something Series – a three-day club minifestival in Bratislava with international acts.
Over the five years of Real Something she has worked with various venues and has done concerts for more than 50 artists from countries from USA and Canada through Iceland and the UK to Scandinavia and mainland Europe. She got acts like Sóley, Sin Fang, XXYYXX or Slow Magic to play for the first time in Slovakia.
Several times a month Tatiana is DJ-ing at various clubs too. She is also working as production manager at Slovakia’s most prestigious design event covering international contemporary design – Bratislava Design Week.