Scheune Akademie
The Scheune Akademie is a project of the Dresdner Scheune which will accompany on your way into music business. Since 2008 they offer advanced training in music business and economy and stand up for a better Networking and support of the saxon music scene.
Professionals in the field discuss, give seminars and workshops and explain economic and legal basics of the music industry.
Target Group is everybody who works or wants to work full- or part-time in the music industry.



Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
The Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen was founded in 1993 as a public foundation in terms of German public law. From the beginning the aim was to establish a strong and independent institution to promote saxon science, art and culture.


Distilled & Bottled
Distilled & Bottled is a collective of different bands. They play shows together and support each other as far as possible. Also they established the Distilled & Bottled Fest.

böse & gemein
böse & gemein is a queer feminist concert booking collective from Dresden. Their focus lies on punk and music, and on strengthening female positions on and off stage.

Tolerave is an alliance between players from the electronic music scene in Dresden and civil activists. Together they fight racism and ignorance. Organising concerts and partys they gather all kinds of people to escape the daily routine and create a space where lifestyle, origin and sexuality do not matter.

Kreatives Sachsen
Kreatives Sachsen, the Center for Cultural and Creative Industries Saxony, improves the conditions for successful creative work. Their work strengthens the capacity for innovation and growth in other business sectors and for developing new solutions to societal challenges. They provide consulting and support to companies, freelancers, institutions, associations, networks and municipalities.

Kultur Aktiv
The association of Kultur Aktiv wants to support the subculture of the backyards in Dresden.

Wir gestalten Dresden
Wir gestalten Dresden tries to improve the situation for the cultural and creative sector in Dresden. They provide support and connect the players in the creative industries in Dresden. On a political level they bundle the voices of the creative sector.

Oh, my music
The Dresden based publisher Oh, my music! supports artists and bands in terms of licensing and marketing. They also work as a link between the artists and GEMA.