Albrecht Ziepert
Albrecht Ziepert is a successful musician and composer. He is pianist of the bands "Pentatones" and "No Accident in Paradise".
Since 2008 he is composing for contemporary dance companies, theatre productions, orchestras and bands. In 2010 he won an award for his filmmusic to "Stiller See" at the Novara Cine Festival in Milan. One year later Ziepert became music director at the Deutsches Theater in Göttingen. In 2012 he arranged his first commissioned work for orchestra with the renowned MDR Symphony Orchestra. His album "Faust - Music for Theatre", which he composed especially for the play „Faust! Der Tragödie erster und zweiter Teil“, was published in October 2013 and re-composed for a concert with the Jena Philharmonic in 2015. Since then the German has worked for various theatres in Europe and teaches at universities.

Alexander Brattig
Alex Brattig works in the field of digital brand communication and supports social media strategies, storytelling, performance marketing or format development in the field of festivals & events. Before working in a Berlin event & concert agency, he studied economics with a focus on (cultural) marketing at the Technical University of Dresden and worked as an independent organiser. He is also a lecturer at the University of the Arts Berlin on the project "DigiMediaL_musik OnStage".

Alexander Nym
Alexander Nym (*1974) is a cultural and media scholar. His research focuses on subculture und youthculture.
He also works as an author, publisher, moderator and actor. Since 1990 he is culturally active with exhibitions, theatre, music, cabaret and readings. He published the anthology “Schillerndes Dunkel”.

Alexey Murashov
Alexey Murashov - musical promoter, musician.
Director of international live band festival Revolution and Revolution Open Air.
Manager of showcase festival Colisium Music Week 2016 (Spb).
Regional manager of Emergenza Festival 2011-2013 (SPb)
Art manager of Groggy Fest 2007 (Latvia).

Aline Fiedler
- born in Dresden, 1976
- historian (MA degree)
- from 1999 to 2009 state executive of Dresden
- from 2009 a member of Sächsischen Landtages
- chairwoman of a working group for economy and high schools, culture and media in CDU-Landtagsfraktion
- a member of Versammlung der Sächsischen Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (the collection of Saxon state institutions for private broadcasting and new media)
- visepresident of Sächsischer Musikrat e.V.

Alona Dmukhovska
Alona Dmukhovska - program director of one of the biggest music and street-art festival in Ukraine - RespublicaFest. Music coordinator of festival of contemporary art GogolFEST (2012-2015), organisator and lector of educational events on topics of festival and music management (Music day in UA, Kiev Music Summit, etc.)

Andreas Nowak
Andreas Nowak MP, born 1975, radio journalist (first broadcasting at the age of 15 for Sachsenradio/later mdr 1 Radio Sachsen), high school diploma and military service, trainee, editor, reporter, presenter, senior duty editor at Radio Energy Sachsen, personal press officer of Prime Minister Kurt Biedenkopf MP in the 1999 electoral campaign for the Landtag of the Free State of Saxony, afterwards freelance journalist and advisor. Studied Cultural Management at FH Zittau/Görlitz, TU Dresden and the Institute for cultural infrastructure Görlitz-Klingewalde. Ever since then member of the artist group Alfred Nobel. Since 2014 Member of Parliament, constituency 29 Leipzig 3. Member of the working groups for economy, labour and transportation; environment, agriculture and rural area and the NSU-investigation committee. Spokesman for transportation and infrastructure of the CDU parliamentarian group at the Landtag of the Free State of Saxony. Honorary chairman of the board of the foundation for child cancer research in Central Germany. Hobbies: cooking, jazz/funk/soul/opera, contemporary art, British precision sports, Skat, all means of traffic and traveling around the world and the lovely native Saxony.

Andreas Zagelow
Andreas Zagelow, team leader in MDR SPUTNIK. Since his school training in Antenne Brandenburg he knew, he will work in a radio. And in the best case with music. After he finished his studies at the University of Leipzig, he came in 2008 to MDR SPUTNIK. Since last year he is the team leader of music editing. Favourites: Travis, Pet Shop Boys, Anna Ternheim.

Andrej Steinmark
Since 2003 Andrej collects his experience in cultural exchange projects between Russia and Germany organizing tours of young bands in both countries. 2008-2013 – chef-organizer of Emergenza Live Band Festival in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Starting from 2014 – co-founder of Revolution Live Festival (Russia, Finland, Germany, Belarus) and Revolution Open Air (Russia). Nowadays he coordinates “BMECTE:GEMEINSAM” International Campaign of Kultur Aktiv e.V.. Actual project – “MUSBUS Tour”: rock tours of independent artists in Europe. Permanent scouting of open-minded and ready-to-go bands and partners.

Anika Jankowski
Anika Jankowski studied cultural management (BA) und music management (MA). She is the managing owner of the music publisher "Oh, my music! publisher". For over 10 years she has been working as promoter of festivals and concerts. From 2011 to 2017 Anika Jankowski headed the Scheune Akademie, a Dresden-based training provider for musicians and music managers at the Dresden Scheune e.V. She was responsible for organising the courses offered there. Furthermore she is working as a lecturer regulary.

Anja Przybilla
Anja Przybilla is a co-founder of the chancellery “TPS Rechtsanwälte”. Mrs. Przybilla takes care of the fields of copyright, trademark law, competition law and contract law. She was also active as a Consultant for the city of Dresden, the Initiative culture and creative Industries of the federal government, the music academy flying-music-circus and the business consulting “Kapitalkunst” for artists of visual art. she’s writng about media law issues for the agency blog “Sputnika” and she took care of the fields of copyright, domain law, e-commerce and forums operating and forums liability for the guide “Practical Law on the Internet” which was commissioned by the Federal Academy of Public Administration.

Anna Mašátová
Prague based music journalist, PR manager and art historian. She regularly contributes to Full Moon, Harmonie and UNI magazines as well as the music portals, or as well as many others. She was the head of the Radio Dixie music section and a jury member of the showcase & conference Czech Music Crossroads 2016, she sits on the grant comitee for alternative music of Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic.

She closely cooperates with the festivals (Na jednom břehu festival, Colour Meeting, Czech Music Crossroads), Czech artists and music agencies (Earth music, Jazz Meets Worlds), furthemore she organizes educational workshops and tutorials for musicians.

Antje Meichsner
Antje Meichsner is part of the feminist DJ collective Prozecco and makes sound art known as Shannon Soundquist.
Since 2007 she is producing the radio programme "zerrspiegel", in which in recent years she has primarily featured female artists, propagated a technofeminist standpoint and reflected loudly on gender relations in club culture.

Bernd Schweinar
Born in 1959. Since 1991 he is Bavarian director of rock and manager of Rock Büro SÜD aka Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. as well as art director of the Bavarian music academy Schloss Alteglofsheim (its focuses are pop music, new media and pedagogy) in personal union since 2011. The VPBy e.V. is a network of almost 100 of the best-known clubs and festivals and further promoters in Bavaria by now.
First a commercial training, later many years as a music journalist for a lot of Bavarian and nationwide print media. Numerous references as a photographer of rock music, too. He developed many supporting projects for pop music in Bavaria as well as at federal level and realised them in dialogue with ministries of economics and art, and sponsors. Member of diverse expert panels at federal level.

For more information, here are some links:

Björn Reinemer
Björn Reinemer takes care at Dynamite Konzerte of planning of the concerts in Dresden and Leipzig. Also he is responsible for tourbooking of several of the Dynamite-bands and for strategic organizing of Dynamite Konzerte. Björn personally is a musician and works in a publishing company Voland und Quist.

Borek Jirik
Borek Jirik, born in 1980, studied social sciences at the Karls-University in Prague but defected to live event industry. His carrier started at small club level shows in Prague and Saxony, but later grew to bigger venues, festivals, international artists and arena shows, to include collaboration with artists such as Tom Waits, Green Day, EU tours with Red Hot Chilli Peppers or ZZ Top and more. Since 2011 he is mainly active on the international scene of Event Safety and organizes workshops in CZ in close collaboration with Universities, the CZ Ministry of Interior and various non-profit organizations. His current occupation is involvement in Event Safety Lab collective, which is responsible for analysis of legal and socioeconomic live event industry environment in the Czech Republic published at

Christian Rost
Christian Rost is a trained merchant and degreed geographer with the main focus on economic geography. In 1997 he already founded his first own company. Later he worked self-employed as urban and regional developer with emphasis on stakeholder participation and local governance. From 2010 to 2013 Christian Rost was employee at the competence centre for the cultural and creative industries of the Federal Government. Lastly he worked as head of the project, which supports the Federal Government's Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

foto: Daniela Schleich

Claudia Muntschick
Since 14 years she is working as independent architect and mainly focused on architectural mediation and revitalization of brownfield sites. Further she is traveling around Saxony and Germany as speaker for the fields of
For more than 10 years now, she has been working as a consultant for cultural and creative industries, regional development and the use of vacancies in Saxony and throughout Germany, and since 2017 she is employee at Kreatives Sachsen, the Saxon centre for cultural and creative industries. Furthermore Claudia is part-time singer and musician and regularly releases albums and EP´s with her band.

David Gaydecka
David Gaydecka *1976, Prague, music producer
Organizing music events - second edition of Prague Metronome Festival and 14th edition of United Islands of Prague, David is also the chairman of association Prague Incredible 4, which is aiming to promote Prague and Czech Republic through cultural events and was founded by organizers of significant Prague events. He also runs agency Joe's Garage, which is representing Czech and international artists. In the past David worked on president campaign of Karel Schwarzenberg. With a few friends, he founded non-profit organization Opona, which between the year 2009 and 2014 reminded the totalitarian past and was organizing celebrations of the anniversary of return to freedom and democratic society.

Detlef Schweiger
- 1958 born in Düsseldorf, raised in Dresden
- 1979-84 studied art education/painting/graphic in Berlin
- from 1979 plenty of art exhibitions in Germany and abroad
- living and working from 1986 as a freelancer in Dresden-Loschwitz, Künstlerhaus Dresden

painting / graphic / drawing / collage / photography / object / sculpture / installation / video / art also in public space

- the leader of different multimedia projects f.e. The Wall Inside Berlin 1990
- from 2000 every year Morphonic Lab in Palais Großer Garten Dresden
- from 1986 manager of Klang-Video-Performance-Kollektivs SARDH
- from 1984 graphical decorated books and records in his own publishing company/ other publishing companies

Dirk Oberhagemann
Dirk Oberhagemann works in various security research projects. One focus of the research work is the safety of events. About this he published a technical report on static and dynamic densities of persons at events and several instruction sheets as author and co-author on safety aspects of major events.

Dmytro Petryna
Born: Ukraine, Ivan-Frankivsk, 1974. Started to work as freelancer photographer in 1999. Studio photographer – 2005-2010. In 2009 became the member of Ukrainian National Photo Organization and in the same year obtained the title “Artist of FIAP (International photo org)”. Since beginning of 2016 – Head of Ukrainian Region Photo org. Interest: portrait, street, journalism.
Exhibition activity: first group exhibition – 2008. Participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Poland. Solo exhibitions: 2011, 2014, 2015 (all in Ivano-Frankivsk).
Prize winner, honor awarded in different photo competitions: 5 FIAP Gold Medals, 1 FIAP Silver Medal, 1 PSA Silver Medal, 3 PSA Bronze Medals, 5 Salon Gold Medals.
Photos were published in different national and international journals, catalogues.

Dušan Svíba
Since the age of 14 Dušan was playing with many local bands in Valasske Mezirici and when he was 24 you could find him to play a guitar with the most legendary Czech alternative band – Dunaj.
Today he works as a booking agent and manager at “earth music”, booking and management agency which he established in 2002. The agency is active in the Central European territory (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, …). Cooperating with lot of festivals and venues the “earth music” has been promoting tours and concerts of artists like Oi Va Voi, Dubioza kolektiv, NO Blues, Warsaw Village Band, Tim Eriksen, Djaikovski, Džambo Aguševi Orchestra, Renato Borghetti, Mary Macmaster, Dakhabrakha, Graveyard Train, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, At First Light, Romano Drom, Wattican Punk Ballet and many more.
“earth music” also represents several artists from the Czech Republic and for more than 13 years Dušan works as a manager of Czech gypsy band Terne Čhave.

Elza Ferreira Neto
Elza Ferreira Neto was the founder of Oficina da Courela in 2005 and has been its president since then. Oficina da courela is a non-profit organization that works on research and development of traditional music and dance, but in a perspective of finding new “spaces” in a contemporary cultural movement and not its preservation in the past. In the early years, its work was mostly at a national level, Portugal, developing research on traditions and music instruments. Since 2009, however, Oficina da Courela, lead by Elza Neto has developed mostly international projects. It has been part of the project Show Europe – Show Belarus, Ocarina project, Transzkaukazja, Traditional Music project, among others. The early international projects were concentrated mostly on Europe. However, in the later years, the focus has turned to Africa, South America and Pacific. Elza Neto has studied classical guitar in the United States and for a period of time performed in that country and later in Portugal. However, later became more of a producer and researcher, with much involvement in the creation of cultural policies at a local level. In 2013 completed a Master Degree in Cultural heritage management.

Emanuel Uch
Emanuel Uch is a Dresdner mixing pro, music producer, songwriter in BMG and Jazz bass player. With the comedy trio Y-Titty he celebrates their international success. U.A. wrote and produced 6 top-50 singles and one number-one album in Austria. Apart from popmusic he wrote also arrangements for MDR symphony orchestra, Giora Feidman and Hope-Gala. Nowadays he is working on some projects together with Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks, AnnenMayKantereit, K.I.Z.), Roberto Monden (Rosenstolz, Sarah Connor) and Sven Helbig (Rammstein).

Ernst Khechumov
“JAM! Events” (Director General)
“Rock Music National Association” (Chairman)
Tbilisi, Georgia
Was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Childhood spent in Germany. Graduated from Tbilisi State Ilia University, the course of linguistics.
In 1996 started working at a radio station. Later combined the work with activities at a TV channel, presenting musical show, dedicated to alternative/rock music. Organized various kinds of events & parties.
In 2007 the “Rock Music National Association” of Georgia was established and I am the Chairman of the Association till present.
Later an event-planning / promotion company “JAM! Events” was established, main activities of which are event/festivals organizing, artist promotion/producing. Got our annual festival “Tbilisi JAM! Fest”.
Also the company signed contracts and got licenses from the World’s biggest rock/metal festival – Wacken Open Air (Germany) and GBOB (Global Battle of Bands), becoming the local representative of these festivals/contests.
The company is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Acting all over the Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) & Turkey. Offering various kind events, gigs, festivals, contests, managing & promoting bands from different countries, providing rental service.

Florian von Hoyer
Florian von Hoyer entered the music industry almost exactly at the "Napster Moment" when file sharing revolutionized the sector and pointed the way into the future. Based on his expertise in the traditional business models surrounding the physical product, he will decisively focused on digital development since 2008. Over the years he has put his holistic thinking and tireless innovation at the service of leading independent music companies and associations such as Galileo Music, UFi, Altafonte, Merlin Network, PIAS and Bquate.

Frank Schöne
Born in 1976, studied at TU Dresden +++ 15 years of booking experience and person for everything in Eastclub Bischofswerda – the hard school of a strategy „try and error“ was unbelievably rich source of experiences +++ besides took every job, which helped him to enjoy bread with a little bit of butter or even sometimes a piece of ham and not leaving him to get dumb +++ temporarily a co-publisher at magazines such as Sunnyside or Down.Under +++ the organizer of Morbiden Festspiele, a underground every-year metal festival +++ for many years organizer of the concerts f. e. in Chemiefabrik, AZ Conni or Groovestation and for bands such as HIGH ON FIRE, LOCUST, EYEHATEGOD, WEEDEATER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, BRUTAL TRUTH and more +++ from 2014 a booker and person responsible for programme in Scheune.

Frauke Rippin
Frauke Rippin was born in Thuringia and studied urbanism in Weimar and Hamburg. In her Masters she focused on regional development and creative industries. She is active for Kreatives Leipzig and Büro für urbane Zwischenräume Leipzig. She also founded and established several music festivals and a youth club.

György de Val
For more than 13 years György De Val has been up to mischief behind his turntables. He has tried out a lot. In 2004 he started with sets with three turntables and one sampler where he cut tracks into pieces and in doing so created completely new ones. Accepting his fate he began with digital DJ’ing in 2008 (due to a burglary two of his fully packed record cases found a new unknown owner). By now György started doing whatever he liked and got a few DJ skills in passing. Since then his tracks are looped, sampled and merged that you can’t stand still anymore.
Since 2009 he displays a video show thanks to the tool Video SL where he lensed all videos himself and adjusted everything to the music exactly. What came into existence eventually is a symbiosis of wicked beats and animations that he mixes during his DJ sets live.
It’s no wonder that he can be found behind his turntables in clubs all over Germany frequently and that his mix of breaks, ghetto funk and dubstep got him invited to Austria, Estonia and Poland. His greatest honour must have been in 2010 when he had the chance to fill the German pavilion with sound at the closing event of the Expo in Shanghai. At that he was the officially last act and only DJ at the Expo. With that in mind it is not surprising that he was voted to be DJ of the year by the readers of the magazine SAX in 2009.
When he is for once not DJ’ing, György is working as a producer for Konrad Kuechenmeister among others and is always looking for new talents for his label spur1-music. Besides that he is host of the show spur1 that is broadcasted once a month in Dresden and that has been dedicated to electronic beats for more than 10 years now.

Hana Podhorská
Hana Vojtěchová Podhorská has been in the music business since 2002. She started as a manager of Čankišou band during her studies of Theater management. Within the following years she worked with several Czech artists and in 2009 together with Indies Scope label they established Indies Production agency which is part of the label and provides complete service for some of the released artists. The agency is focused on management and booking Czech artists not only in the Czech republic but also all around the world. The represented artists show wide range of styles and high quality of Czech music scene: Čankišou, Tara fuki, Kieslowski, Ghost of You, BraAgas, Lesní zvěř, Traband.

Holger Wendland
Publisher, performing artists, film maker. He worked for Kultur Aktiv as a culture manager particularly manager of art projects and he is a publisher of a magazine called „Partisanen“. He has his own publishing label Edition Raute in a publishing company. He successfully realizes as an artist and curator for more than 20 years numerous thematic and international art projects with the focus on Caucasus and Eastern Europe. Film production (documentaries, experimental films, bizarre talk shows, two home cirmis) and participation on popular film festivals complete his profile.

Ina Keßler
• Born on 4th March, 1961 in Cologne, Germany
• After her graduation in 1980: pedagogy studies with focus on media education at RWTH Aachen and the Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn
• Graduation 1985 as a qualified media pedagogue. After that she worked as academic staff member in the audiovisual media centre of the University of Cologne and taught computer literacy and telecommunications
• From 1990 to 2000 she worked for the city of Cologne in the field of media planning, from 1995 as deputy manager in the administrative department for media economics in the office of the chief municipal director.
• At the same time she was volunteering managing chairperson of the Zentrum für Interaktive Medien e.V., Cologne (“centre for interactive media”).
• From 2000 to 2008 Keßler worked at “Berlin Partner” where she as Senior Consultant International was responsible for the fields of media, IT and creative industry focused on music. While doing that she supported many companies with getting started.
• Since 2008 she is the manager of Initiative Musik gGmbH of the supporting institution of the Federal Government and music economics for rock, pop and jazz music in Germany

Irakli Mikiani
Basically I was more than actively involved in organizing One Caucasus Festival 2015. Festival is annually being held in village Tserakvi, Marneuli region, Georgia and it included:
- Workshops for local youth;
- Partipatory budget arrangement for Marneuli region;
- Music Concerts during three days (27, 28, 29 of August).
I myself was organizing workshop for local Azerbaijani children – how to create an effective presentation and how to be more confident during presenting.
Music Concerts seem to be a basic part of our hard work in Marneuli Region. Basically a lot of different-style musicians get together on our festival and what they do together is an unforgettable thing. We are more than proud of the main principle of OC Concert which means that every musician despite his/her existing repertoire has to perform something new and mix with other musicians. I myself was seeking for musicians mainly from Georgia who had enough artistic resources for creating something priceless spontaneously with other musicians. During the concert my responsibilities were to work on concert agenda and manage technical issues connected to musicians.
Moreover I used to be involved in promotions team during preparations for OC Festival. I was
supervising online marketing and public relations at some level. What’s more I was in charge of One
Caucasus web-page and translated web-page contents from Georgian to English and vice versa.

Additional information: I am a project manager of Young Liberals of Georgia for freedom. We actively
collaborate with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in South Caucasus. We are working on
several projects together.
I am studying at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
I have once worked for Adami Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe as an event manager.

Jan Keilhauer
Jan Keilhauer (born 1980) studied communication and media science and cultural science in Leipzig. His work focusses on cultural politics and management, media research for Social Media and youth culture as well as media education. He is consultant in the Saxon parliament for the faction "Bündnis 90/Die Grünen" for the topics culural, media and net politics. He organises initiatives for the music industry as well as for the whole cultural and creative industry in Saxony.

Jana Šteflíčková
Jana Šteflíčková is singer-songwriter, guitarist and actress resident at Studio Ypsilon in Prague. Her work deliberately seeks to push the classical genre and is infused with elements of folk, blues and jazz. Her songs are characterised by a wide vocal and tonal range of expression, distinctive guitar playing and also spontaneous interaction with the audience.also spontaneous interaction with the audience. After experiences with a wide variety of bands she simplified her musical expression with a purer and more personal sound as a solo musician. She likes to experiment and improvise, and has busked her way through various parts of the world. Improvisation is an invented and spontaneous language, and such her expression though stemming from the same seed is a multi-faceted and evolving thing …
In 2005 and 2006 she participated in Czech-Canadian theater projects with Native Americans and composed music for the performance to ship Forman Brothers. Currently her second solo album called Letná is being finished and getting ready to see the light of day.

Janek Taraszkiewicz
Janek Taraszkiewicz (Poland): promoter, festival producer, publisher, stage manager. Also an international DJ, spinning records for over 17 years, including shows in USA, Brasil, UK, Balkans, amongst others. Radio journalist, working with local community in Lublin. Owner of Tara Boom enterprise, dealing with international bookings, stage management and events production. Participant, speaker and panelist in various music conferences in Poland, and abroad. Most interested in history, culture, music and lifestyle of countries from ex-Yugoslavia region.

Jens Roscher
Jens Roscher is a passionate cultural manager. He is employee at Booking Alte Brauerei Annaberg and owner of the ageny Grenzgänger. Roscher lives and works in Annaberg-Buchholz.

Jolana Zemanová
Started her career in the music industry in the International Department of the Collecting Society (OSA) in the Czech Republic. Since 1997 she has served as the Managing Director of EMI Music Publishing Ceska Republika. Currently she represents Universal Music Publishing in Czech Republic and Slovakia.Since the 2000 was the Member of the Board of OSA and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Music Publishing Association of the Czech Republic and ICMP member organization.

Josephine Hage
Josephine Hage is associate directer of Kreatives Sachsen and is primarily responsible for the topics of internationalization and cross-industry cooperation. Before her time at Kreatives Sachsen she participated in numerous local and regional reports on culture and creative industries. As a specialist consultant and network manager, she initiated cooperations between the creative industries and companies in other sectors and worked as a freelance scientific service provider and lecturer for over five years.

foto: Daniela Schleich

Julia Noack
Julia Noack is part of the (apo)THEKE Safer Nightlife - a project of the mobile youth work team for addiction prevention from Dresden. As activists* in Dresden's nightlife, we go to relevant clubs where we inform party guests about (un)desirable (side) effects and dangers in the consumption of intoxicants and encourage them to a reflected and risk reduced party behaviour.

Julia von Wild
Julia von Wild is a cultural manager for popular music and performing arts in Bremen. She runs the agency and is co-founder of Stage Europe Network and LiveKomm. She is also a jury member for the APPLAUS award and works for several cultural projects in Bremen.

Karsten Schölermann
Karsten Schölermann (born in 1960) was musician in the beginning of the 80‘s – then he studied business. Since 1983 he runs “KNUST” in Hamburg.
Since 2012 he is the president of the federal ground association “LIVEKOMM” and board member of Hamburg’s club foundation.
His activities in Hamburg include the events “Rockspektakel” and “Hafenrock” (celebrating the harbour’s birthday) – that both have been part of the Hanseatic city’s rock music program and is manageable without subventions or entrance fees. Together with his work partner Eberhard Gugel he is co-owner of LOGO since 1994 and furthermore has taken over the managing position of the Jazz and Hip-Hop club “Stellwerk” that was threatened to no longer exist.
His even gamut is completed by about a dozen running events. As a longtime track athlete he is responsible for the 10-kilometre-run around the Alster and the half marathon of Hamburg since 1990 – both belong to the biggest ones in Germany.

Kirsten Grebasch
Kirsten Grebasch is project manager for Music Pool Berlin since 2013. Music Pool Berlin is supported by Musicboard Berlin and the European Social Funds. The organisation organises workshops, seminars and consultations to transfer important know-how to musicians and music managers. Kirsten Grebasch is member of all2gethernow e.V., platform for new strategies in music culture and music industry.

Konrad Kuechenmeister
Konrad Kuechenmeister is one of the most captivating artists in the current underground music scene. He personificates the harmony between traditional musical craft live on stage and the multimedia technology of the new century.
Konrad started his solo carrer as street musician in Berlin and since then he has played more than 900 concerts in Europe, the USA, China and Brazil among others as official support act of Manu Chao in the arena Brasilia.

Kristin Amparo
Kristin Amparo, (born 1 December 1983) is a Colombian-Swedish singer. She attended Adolf Fredrik's Music School in Stockholm. She participated in season 1 of the Swedish X Factor in 2012, which was broadcast on TV4, where she made it to the judge's houses stage before being eliminated. Amparo participated in Melodifestivalen 2015 with the song "I See You" in the third semi-final.She made it to the "Second Chance" round but failed to make it to the Melodifestivalen final. 2017 she is touring again with her Band Combo de la Musica.

Login Kociski
Promoter, football player, A&R manager, father, event/party organiser, bambus drinker, label manager, booking agent, publisher, fan of basketball team Metalski Zavod Tito. He has been active in the music industry for the last 20 years. He set up the record label and artist management agency Lithium Records, working with the most renowned Macedonian artists. When his wife didn’t give him the permission to name his son Password, he re-branded his company name into Password Production. He is the founder and director of the biggest Macedonian music Festival Taksirat, D festival, Pivolend, Green Beach Festival and Aqua Park Festival. Login has been promoter of more than a thousand local, regional and international concerts, weddings, funerals and has worked as a production manager, mother or a godfather for the biggest regional Festivals.

Luk Sponselee
Luk Sponselee operates as an independent curator and organizer in the cultural field. This besides his activities as filmmaker, musician and visual artist.
Since his early years he has started different cultural organizations which stichting Zesde Kolonne (foundation 6th Kolonne) has his main focus since 1984. The Zesde Kolonne is the initiator and founder of Aktiviteitencentrum 2B (Cultural Activity Center 2B in the centre of Eindhoven – NL – 1984-2002), Re.Bound (Stage of the Unfinished, also in the centre of Eindhoven – 2002-2007) and Artspace Flipside (workspace, stage, gallery and social cultural experiment in a northern suburb of Eindhoven – 2007 till now). Together with foreign partners the Zesde Kolonne organized international cultural event in Belarus, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, France and Belgium.
As an artist Luk Sponselee has made many short and several full feature films , now working as a camera operator and editor, played in different bands and ensembles. Lately his main artistic works are with The Flipside Paradox (improvisation ensemble around a nucleus together with various group of different musicians) photography and 3D work (assemblages and collages).
Currently he lives in Antwerp (Belgium) and works in the Netherlands, with Eindhoven as his base.

Magdalena Zschunke

- born and raised in Dresden
- 2011-2014 studied Culture Management in Görlitz and Sevilla (Spain)
- 2013 organizing and management of arts at art festival “Zukunftsvisionen” in Görlitz.
- 2014 in Berlin @ CAUSALES – organization for culture marketing, and sponsoring. – development of ideas for culture sponsoring for different projects
- from December 2014 @ – Business development & Cooperation Manager – in this job position I work together with concrete festivals, which are organized through gigmit company. I manage all sponsorships and develop together with brand partners music marketing ideas.

Marc Wohlrabe
Marc Wohlrabe studied World Heritage Management with a focus on'Historic Urban Landscape' and 'Marine World Heritage' (M.A.). In 2000 he was co-founder of the Clubcomission Berlin is member of the board of Directors. His topics are urban development, night economy, safer clubbing, noise pollution, festivals in Brandenburg and political contacts. Marc Wohlrabe is a member of the advisory board of Musikboard Berlin, general secretary of the European club association LiveDMA and co-initiator and director of the club commission Nightlife Conference "City after Eight".

Marcus Oertel
Marcus Oertel is a cultural manager from Dresden/DE. Since almost 10 years he‘s engaged in international exchange projects mainly with Central and Eastern Europe. He is operating for Kultur Aktiv with EU funded projects since 2010, like Parallel Experiences (2011), Show Europe – Show Belarus (2010-2012) and Transkaukazja (2011 and 2013). Since 2013 he is the CEO of Kultur Aktiv. From 2013 to 2016 he was working as CEO for Kultur Aktiv. Now he works in the city department Dresden.

Marcus Rüssel
Marcus Rüssel has been a concert and festival organizer, artist consultant, manager and closely networked with various bands and DJs as well as agencies and organizers since 2001. Since the end of 2009 Marcus Rüssel has been intensively involved in business start-ups and financing in the creative industries. In 2012 he founded the booking portal gigmit and has been its managing director ever since. Together with various showcase-festivals throughout Europe he founded the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES) in 2017. The INES project funded by the European Union supports artists* and professionals from the music industry in developing their careers on an international level.

Maria Ziegler
Maria Ziegler was born in 1982 in Dresden and grew up here. As Tour Manager she has toured across Europe since 2008 with many well-known US Hip Hop heavyweights and R'n'B Grammy heavy R'n'B artists. Further she has also booked tours as a booking agent. As promoter she has worked with over 300 international artists and brought them to Dresden.

Mario Cetti
Born in 1979, studied communication science/journalism in Dresden and subsequently worked for various media. Since 2009 he has been self-employed as Managing Director and CEO of the artist agency Kumpels and Friends (mainly Booking & Management). 2011 followed the foundation of the record company Kreismusik GmbH & Co KG around the Berlin rapper Käptn Peng, of which he is also a co-partner. Mario Cetti lives and works in Dresden.

Markus Rennhack
Markus Rennhack, born in Zwickau in 1980, started composing and recording at the age of about 13. He moved to Leipzig with his band Unloved in 2003 where he ventured to achieve a working balance between university and concert venues. After the release of the two EPs “My Way To Run” (2004) and “Killersongs” (2006) he graduated in political sciences and got his diploma in 2009. His first commercial full-length record release with Unloved (“Pay One Bliss With Another”) has been released in february 2015 and culminated in international touring. Music is his life. To help making a living off it, he became a member of GEMA in 2003. After a long up-hill battle with social welfare institutions over the freedom to make music that demands high flexibility but doesn’t generate enough income, he eventually started working for the independent music publisher Kick The Flame and thus maintained a way to keep living and working for music – be it his own or everyone else’s who he represents. An early author’s rights activist, Markus became an expert on a varity of licensing schemes as well as on Performance Rights Organisations. He has been part of numerous panels on GEMA, C3S and author’s rights in general, some of them as host and discussion leader. In 2015 he has been elected for delegate by the composers among the affiliated and extraordinary members of GEMA. His stance on C3S is sympathetic to the idea but highly critical about the realisation as seen since 2012.

Martin Grellmann
Born 1978 in Riesa. Lots of travelling, lots of music, no finished education, no studies. First bands face-about-face and O.U.T. 2004-2014. Drummer, booker and promoter of marracash orchester. Since 2015 managing director of Lollis Homestay.

Matthias Schnarr
Matthias Schnarr, also known as DJ Access, is at home on the Germany´s stages. Starting in his home basement in Dresden Klotsche, he is now represented as a live DJ by artists such as Morlockk Dilemma and Plusmacher. In 2006 his first album "3Komma5Promille" was released, at the same time he founded NewDEF, an independent label and booking agency in Dresden. Here Schnarr acts as manager. Aaron Scotch, the Antiheroes or T9 are just a few of his clients. During the week, the Dresden-based artist is actively networking, and communication with the artists also has high priority for him.

Melissa Perales
Melissa Perales moved from Chicago to Berlin in the 90s. Since then she has organized an international film festival, owned her own restaurant, and began booking and promoting live shows and film screenings under the moniker M:Soundtrack. As a concert promoter she presents international acts monthly in venues such as Schokoladen, Grüner Salon or Berghain Kantine. M:Soundtrack is a platform and meeting point within the Berlin independent music scene since 2004. Melissa is a board member with all2gethernow, a conference for new strategies within the music business and its cultural landscape. Melissa’s passion is soundtracks, therefore starting Supertape was the likely result: a music supervision and consulting company which she runs together with the documentary filmmaker, Sabine Steyer. Since 2014, Melissa is a co-founder and consultant of the Music Pool Berlin, the central place to go for musicians and people working in the music business, living and working in Berlin. She is the co-founder of European Women in Music, a new Europe-wide network based on learning, sharing, connecting and exchange for women in the music industry and connected creative fields. Besides all of this Melissa is a supermom to a 1yr and 13 year old and a supercool.

Miran Rusjan
Miran is being active on independent music scene for almost two decades and gained experience from various perspectives, which gives him special insight and understandings of independent music habitat. In 2004 founded Moonlee Records,independent record label, which slowly became one of the most important labels in ex-YU region (Repetitor, Bernays Propaganda, Nikki Louder, Damir Avdić, Vuneny…). In last few years more and more focused on booking shows for Moonlee bands, from which Moonlee Booking was born. From time to time organises shows (mostly in Ljubljana) and still plays guitar in Analena. He is also conference manager at MENT Ljubljana (international festival and conference).

Mirca Lotz
Mirca Lotz is a booker, promoter, event organizer and passionate cook based in Munich – but often to be found elsewhere in the world. She is part of „innen.aussen.raum e.V.“ a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting live music events in off locations: from the riverside to the factory where the orient express was built, innen.aussen.raum aims to find special places. From this venture the booking agency [fwd: like waves] developed booking shows in Europe, the UK and occasionally abroad for international bands. The agency also stages shows in various locations in Munich (and Leipzig): from the Milla Club, a puppet theatre to parks. Mirca additionally promotes shows and events for Filmfest Munich as well as for die Urbanauten. Together with JJ Weihl from Fenster she is running the international project Videokills putting on silent movies with orginal live musical scores. She is the co-founder of European Women in Music, a new Europe-wide network based on learning, sharing, connecting and exchange for women in the music industry and connected creative fields.

Monika Klementová
Monika Klementová is currently a project coordinator of the Czech Music Office “SoundCzech” supporting Czech music scene locally and internationally. She was involved in a preparation phase of the office's establishment.
In past she was working for one of the main music hall in Prague “Palác Akropolis” and music label Mute Records. As an PR and marketing manager she was working for several music festivals and projects in Czech Republic.

Monika Satková
Monika Satkova works as a booking assistant of the Pohoda Festival, which takes place in Trencin, Slovakia. Festival Pohoda is an international music festival organized in Trencin, Slovakia since 1997. It is the biggest festival in Slovakia with 30 000 daily visitors and more than 120 artist from all over the world. Apart from music, other forms of art such as dance, theatre, movies, photography, literature and fine arts are heavily represented at the event every year, which makes the festival an exceptional art encounter of broad range. Festival Pohoda is a member of the most prestigious European festival association YOUROPE. More at:
Monika takes care of contracts, transportation, guest service and hospitality of the artists. Besides the work for the festival, Monika is a singer and composer in the Slovak band Snowdrop and in her free time she plays curling.

Mr. Ivo Saliger (alias Ivan Novak / Laibach)
- Mr. Ivo Saliger (alias Ivan Novak), engineer of the human souls. -

Member and co-creater of Laibach’s strategy and theory since 1980, member and co-creater of Neue Slowenische Kunst between 1984 - 1992, citizen of NSK State since 1992.

Nick Dzhychka
Born and live at Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine in 1977. In 1999 graduation from Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian University, Fine Arts Faculty. Since 2006 he is a head of NGO“YAF “Forums” and from 2009 a secretary of Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization of National Union of Photographers of Ukraine. Member of photoclub “Columb”, Tysmenytcia. Participation in culture management courses from Swedish Institute, Stockholm 2008 and scholarship program from Ministry of culture of Poland “Gaude Polonia”, Wroclaw 2015. Nick Dzhychka is an art manager, curator and artist, who actively collaborates on cultural field at local, national and international levels.

Nils Burchartz
Nils Burchartz (born 1980) studied philosophy, American studies and music studies. He is a passionate drummer with concert experience in Germany and also abroad, with numerous CDs. He worked Londoner Community-Radio Resonance FM, Volkswagen and also in Sepmeroper in Dresden, before je founded in 2011 a room sharing project Volume11, which conveyed the principle of co-working and car-sharing to music studios. From that moment on is Nils co-founder of Wir gestalten Dresden, an organization for culture and creative economy in Dresden. His function is a member of supervisory board and a contact person. He was honored in 2013 in Bundesprogramm Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland.

Olaf Möller
Olaf Möller studied Geographie before he run the Techno club “FATEclub” in Berlin. In 2009 he founded the agency “OM PartyEvents UG”. He is the political speaker of LiveKomm and worked also for the Clubcommission Berlin e.V.

Olena Pravylo
Chairwoman in NGO Congress of Cultural Activists. Facilitator and local projects mentor in Active citizen program in partnership with British Council – working with local communities and activists on social actions projects, local strategies development. Moderator and an expert in “Culture 2025. Platform for changes” – main focus of project is development and implementation of cultural strategy for Ukraine 2016-2025. Facilitator in E-governance for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) program which is funded by the Swiss Confederation. Olena is also short movies producer in family production company “Kontora Pravylo” and organizer of multidisciplinary festival “Transkaukazja”. Her interests are: policies, strategies, scenarios for society, activism, engagement, civic education and advocacy of culture.

Oliver Hartmann
"Technology gives you the possibility to deliver your music all over the world via laptop and also the possibility to know where in the world your music is really heard."
When Oliver Hartmann founded the label Etui Records in 1998 at the age of 21, nobody was thinking about such futuristic technologies. During the last 20 years the business economist and graduate of the 1st Scheune Akademie has published electronic music by artists from Germany, Australia, Italy or Switzerland, among others, on his label as vinyl and digitally and sold it to Hong Kong, Japan, the USA or Russia. For at least the same time he has been making music under the synonym Insect O. and has also visited some of the places as an artist. Since 2014 he is co-organizer of the DAVE Festival - Dresden Audio Visual Experience with focus on music production workshops.

Petra Braddock
Grew up on the vinyl of her parents and cassettes of her brother, studied film and worked for big IT companies until she ended up with Fair Price Music, where she’s supporting independent musicians and labels in cooperation with the music media, festivals and promoters. Through their side project, FPM Live Sessions, Petra and her FPM crew manages to bring alternative music to public, spreading Czech music globally and international music locally. Petra is also a band manager of the NZ-Czech band Metronome Blues.

Petra Macháčková
Born on 26th of June in 1986 in Prague, Czech Republic. Graduated with Master´s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology and Philosophy at the Charles University in Prague. Specialist in Egon Bondy’s nonsubstantial ontology and czech underground culture. Author engaged in transhumanism and ethic.
Big blues/rock fan. Booking agent in Joe´s garage since 2015 (December).

Raffi Niziblian
With a BA in Communications Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, Raffi Niziblian has been producing events for over 25 years in different parts of the world. However, after founding Deem Communications 10 years ago, he has concentrated his efforts on the entertainment industry of Armenia. Raffi has produced local and international artists such as Serj Tankian, lead singer of System of a Down, Sebu Simonian from Capital Cities, Patricia Kaas and Elodie Frege from Paris, Nadea, from the USA/France and many more. He has also created and implemented festivals such as the Music Days (WinterFest Armenia) and Parliament for the People (Kenats Festival).
Raffi created the first and only online booking site for Armenian artists. The site offers a variety of bands and musicians with an amalgamation of genres. Over 20 artists have been booked internationally through this portal.
Raffi is the Creative Director of a full service communications agency based in Armenia and the Producer of two feature films. The agency is a member of the German based network, media consulta.

Raimund Reintjes
Raimund Reintjes, born in 1968, studied political science. After graduating in 1997, he taught street children in Nicaragua, then spent a few years as a scientist at Humboldt University, subsequently worked as a copywriter and conceptual designer for various agencies and, from 2003, immersed himself in the biotopes of the socio-culture and subculture of a huge, disused railway area. From 2004 to 2010 he ran a club and a venue for cabaret, theatre, jazz, neighbourhood meetings, readings, children's circus, variety shows and much more. From 2007 to 2014 he also organized the weekly electronics series "Dienstagswelt" as well as numerous concert nights from the fields of dub, world music, jazz and electronics. In addition, he organized several festivals for Gema-free music, floats at the Fuckparade as well as the Zug der Liebe and, in parallel to nocturnal techno events on his format "Mitternachtstalk", had representatives from politics and the scene discuss various topics around the Berlin music circus. In 2013/ 2014, together with Fixpunkt e.V., he developed the "BEST" training programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health to increase drug competence among employees in nightlife. Raimund Reintjes has been a member of the Berlin Club Commission for 10 years, was on the board and head of the business unit. Today he is responsible for the aspects of politics, health and, most recently, the establishment of a new noise protection fund for clubs with the Economic Senate. As co-author, producer and co-curator of the Berlin Nightlife Conference "City after Eight", he has been organizing an exciting and innovative platform for a wide variety of perspectives on the city at night since 2016.

Robert Grund
- born 1973 in Dresden
- 1994-1998 club manager in Dresden
- 1998-2011 international FOH Engineer and tour support

From 2011 one of the two managers of Reithalle-Dresden (Booking)

Robert Harzewski
Robert Herzewski is laywer and has been a concert organiser for over nine years. In his Dresden law firm he consults musicians and event manager throughout Germany in the fields of copyright law, media law, event law, music law and labour law. In addition to his work as laywer he is involved in various film and music festivals as well as concert projects in Germany and abroad.

Sebastian Hoffmann
Sebastian Hoffmann is a consultant at SMartDe as part of the "touring artists" - consulting service for internationally working artists*. He is also a concert organizer (Schokoladen, Fourtrack on Stage, Down by the River Festival) in Berlin and was an agent at the Berlin agency Paper and Iron Booking until 2016.

Selina Pavlitschek
Selina studied musicology and worked for Universal Music. Since 2013 she works for PopKW an association that wants to improve the situations for musicians in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. At the same time, she works for the label PASCHENrecords.

Stef Fridael
Stef Fridael is a Dutch Contemporary artist born in Indonesia. He studies in the early 70s at the School of Graphic Art in Eindhoven The Netherlands. After his studies he works as a Graphic artist but decided to goes in military service. After his military service he picks up the profession as an artist and joins the artists group “Zesde Kolonne” who have residence at Artspace Flipside Eindhoven. Stef Fridael meanwhile has exhibited in various Galleries, Museums and Art-Institutions in the Netherlands, Monaco, Belgium and Germany. In the art of Stef Fridael its all about the instincts of humans. Fear, lust, safety, abuse, courage, To be or not To be. In clear words Money, Power, Prestige and status. All this displayed in a context of twisted images dictated by TV, the Internet and other media. With this he attempt by the work to loosen discussion on the given image or experience.

Stefan Brangs
Stefan Brangs was born on the 30th September 1964 in Solingen (North Rhine-Westfalia). He is married and the father of three children. Since 1992 he and his family live in Schmölln-Putzkau/ Upper Lusatia.
After his apprenticeship as a surveying technician and his following studies, Stefan Brangs supported the setup of democratic trade union structures as trade union secretary in Leipzig and Dresden since 1990.
1998 Stefan Brangs became spokesman of the union of public services, transport and traffic (ÖTV in German) in Saxony. After the founding of ver.di (Vereinte Dienstleistungsgesellschaft ≈ United Service Society), he continued as spokesman of ver.di-Sachsen. Furthermore he as area director of “corporations” was responsible for the representation of communally employed in Saxony. In September 2004 Stefan Brangs was voted into the Saxon state parliament. Since 2007 Stefan Brangs worked as parliamentary manager of the SPD-fraction. Since the December of 2014 he is state secretary in the Saxon State Ministry of Economy, Labour and Traffic.

Steffen Kache
Steffen Kache is founder and owner of the Distillery in Leipzig. Since 2016 he is chairman of LiveKomm.

Stephan Leonhardt
Stephan Leonhardt has found morning glory concerts in January 2015. It was followed by various concerts in clubs in Dresden. The focus is on cultural scene in Poland, which was introduced in the line called „This Is Poland“ not just through concerts but also exhibitions. In the case of morning glory concerts he was the co-founder and in the year 2012 he started a festival “Drüben auf dem Hügel“ which he led until 2014.

As a DIY organizer he started in 2009 and learned everything on his own. After numerous concerts and three festivals with more than 100 artists, in 2011 he organized the first Germany tour of Ewert and The Two Dragons (EST) and the next tour of Paula & Karol (PL).

KAMP!(PL), BOKKA (PL), Rebeka(PL), The Wave Pictures (UK), Girls Names(IRL), Human Tetris(RUS), Mozes And The Firstborn(NL), Naked Lunch(AUS), Velojet(AUS), Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin(USA), Jeffrey Lewis (USA), Schwervon!(USA), Wreckless Eric (UK), The Babies (USA)

Susann Großmann
Today here, tomorrow there: Susann is an eternal seeker. To take root is not her thing. Not even in the music, and therefore she plays with her guitar something between pop, folk and soul cozy. With her soulful voice and her life stories she makes a perfect shot – right into the heart of the listener.

Sven Lippmann
Sven Lippmann is chief executive of Alte Brauerei e.V. in Annaberg-Buchholz. He was born in 1979 close to Karl Marx Stadt (Chemnitz). At first he learned the job as a car seller before he did a Masters in educational science, psychology and historical studies. Organizing concerts started as a hobby in the 90's before it became his profession.

Tatiana Lehocká
Tatiana manages young and promising Slovak musicians that aspire to play abroad and books international tours for them. Under the brand Real Something she also promotes shows for foreign bands in Bratislava. In October 2015 Real Something set up a first edition of Real Something Series – a three-day club minifestival in Bratislava with international acts.
Over the five years of Real Something she has worked with various venues and has done concerts for more than 50 artists from countries from USA and Canada through Iceland and the UK to Scandinavia and mainland Europe. She got acts like Sóley, Sin Fang, XXYYXX or Slow Magic to play for the first time in Slovakia.
Several times a month Tatiana is DJ-ing at various clubs too. She is also working as production manager at Slovakia’s most prestigious design event covering international contemporary design – Bratislava Design Week.

Thomas Früh
Thomas Früh studied law in Mannheim and Tübingen. Since 1993 he works for the federal state of Saxony in different positions. He is head of the art department in the Saxon ministry of culture and science.

Tilo Schwalbe
- 1972 born in Zittau
- 1989 apprenticeship as an electrican
- 2000 Abitur at evening school
- 2010 self-employed wordsmith & photo artist with solo exhibition and participation in exhibition
- 2011 project photography
- 2014 course instructor for primary schools
- 2015 culture manager

Tim Gubel
Tim Gubel is a Belgian clinical psychologist, but soon discovered he feels better in the music industry. He is mainly active in Bulgaria, building bridges across its borders. He kicked off his music career launching two weekly jazz concert series in Brussels for and by youngsters, between 2006 and 2009. In Bulgaria he runs a company called “Fusion Embassy” active in the field of music production, distribution, booking, event management and production. This year he conceived a new festival called “Zenith – Fusion Festival”, an event in the light of regenerating traditions.
Tim manages a band called Oratnitza. They started off as buskers by the seaside, and now 6 years later they have done a few European tours and beyond and are off to the States in May. Their success is partly due to their fresh take on balkanbeat combining Bulgarian folklore with acoustic dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop and trap; a genre he calls “ethno bass”.

Tine Theurich
Originally from online marketing, Tine Theurich spent several years in music PR, where she specialized in online media and communication in social networks and worked for various booking and promotion agencies. Building an independent, strong and sustainable fan base is also the focus of her work.
At the beginning of 2016 she started with her own agency called SUPERUNKNOWN, which turns away from classical PR-strategies and supports artists, bands and brands individually in th planning and implementation of their communication campaigns. Building an independent, strong and sustainable fan base is also the focus of her work.

Tino Grasselt
Tino Grasselt grew up in Saxony, and is based around the globe, being active in the cross-cultural exchange with great passion. He studied cultural studies and musicology at the University of Leipzig, followed by some jobs in several entertainment enterprises. From the early 2000s he is part of the DJ duo “Baikaltrain-Disco”, bringing Eastern European sounds on the German dance floors as one of the pioneers of that musical wave. Tino Grasselt founded his own international music agency “Tomato Production” in the year 2013, providing professional services in concert and tour booking, promotion and management of musicians and bands. The artists of Tomato Production are based in Russia, Argentina, USA, Poland, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and others.

Torsten Tannenberg
Born in 1963 in Leipzig, two daughters, art school studies in Weimar until 1989, since 1993 work in Saxon music board and since 1997 its CEO. Besides his work there his main tasks are project consulting, occasional realization of projects.
Since 2005 he overtook the business leadership of a German association Bundesverband deutscher Liebhaberorchester, a big amateur orchestra. He was also a speaker of IG Landeskulturverbände in Saxony, a chairman and a member of several cultural boards in Dresden and Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien.

Vaclav Havelka
While spending his youth on the geographical and cultural frontiers of the Czech Republic, Havelka with his hard working DIY aesthetics soon found himself on the frontiers of the Czech indie music scene. Among other projects he’s the most profound in the past ten years as the singer songwriter for one of the most successful Czech bands, Please The Trees. Havelka released so far four records with PTT, two of which the band made in the US. Fifth, made in San Francisco, is coming out in the Fall 2017. Havelka also composes music for theater productions, screen music for motion pictures, hosts his own show on alternative station Radio Wave, works at production of festivals such as Colours Of Ostrava and others. As part of the promotion company Scrape Sound brings leading international alternative artists, such as Mark Lanegan, Steve Gunn, The Afghan Whigs, Swans, Mudhoney and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, to the Czech Republic. Havelka is an agent for booking and artist management agency Bumbum Satori. He also tour manages artists(such as Akron/Family, The Butthole Surfers, Sleeping People, Father John Misty etc.)for Nomads Of Prague backline and van rental company based in Prague.

Werner Klompen
- Artist, curator, freetime-cock and ivolved at Artspcaflipside Eindhoven, Netherlands (culture club).
- Study’s Art in the 80’s at the academy Düsseldorf and Utrecht.
- Motto of the matter is interaction, communication and inspiration.
- My folded path is the art.

Witek Hebanowski
living place: Warsaw, Poland
Sociologist (specialization in mediations & negotiations). The founder and president of The Other Space Foundation (from 2006). The co-initiator and program coordinator of The Multicultural Center in Warsaw (from 2015). Co-founder & vice-president of The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation (based in English-speaking Caribbean) from 2008.
During his studies – active member of Warsaw branch of Amnesty International. Trainer & facilitator – workshops conducted in Europe (Great Britain, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.), Caucasus & Asia (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Mongolia, Myanmar), Caribbean & South America (Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname) and North Africa (Tunisia).
Initiator & co-organizer of varied initiatives – including:
• International Letter Writing Marathon “Write for Rights” of Amnesty International (first editions);
• Multicultural Center in Warsaw;
• One Caucasus – the festival and long-term borderland program organized in Marneuli (borderland of Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan)
• Transkaukazja – the only international & multidisciplinary inspired by contemporary Caucasus;
• Forums of Local Migration Policies in Poland.
Participant of international election observation missions in Azerbaijan (2003) and Ukraine (2004), coordinator of development aid projects in Caucasus, worked with Polish Radio TOK fm, currently works with IMI Radio (first Polish radio organized by immigrants). Involved in many music projects that merge musicians from different countries and genres (initiator of “Caucasus+. Collection #1: Georgia+” – first music album based on joint projects of musicians from Georgia, Poland, Senegal, Jamaica and other countries).

Yasen Kazandjiev
Was born in Varna/Bulgaria; Working since 1998 in field of art/folk management and cultural policy; Studied at Varna Free University – International relations ; Manager and coordinator of Scenderman Art Network; Since 2011 live in Pamplona/Navarra-Spain ;Organizer of the International art forum WithoutBorders – Bulgaria since 2003.

Yvonne Kunz
Yvone Kunz (*1972) studied translation and linguistics in Zurich and Liverpool. She started as a music journalist at "". Since 2008 she works as a freelance journalist focusing on law, culture and society. Her texts are published in "Surprise", "Der literarische Monat", "Work", "Die Zeit" and "WoZ".