Andrea Goetzke
Andrea is an organizer of events that are often linked with music. Besides her work for Music Pool Berlin she is founder and member of the executive board of all2gethernow e.V. She also hosts a radio show on

Anika Jankowski
Anika Jankowski studied cultural management (BA) und music management (MA). She is the managing owner of the music publisher "Oh, my music! publisher". For over 10 years she has been working as promoter of festivals and concerts. Since October 2018 she is part of the executive board of "Wir gestalten Dresden" - an organisation that represents the cultural and creative industries in Dresden.

Asche Versace
Asche is singer of the feminist punk band Deutsche Laichen.
Deutsche Laichen is energetic and highly melodic punk with Riot Grrrl attitude. Straight in your face the lyrics of the band from Göttingen take a clear stand what they support and what they refuse. My cunt my business.

Benita Horst
Benita Horst is a candidate for the Dresdner city council representing the FDP party. In her political work she's often confronted with cultural aspects in a local setting. In the past she therefore gave advice regarding cultural aspects to her party. She sees music as a way of communicating and as a connection between different people.

Christoph Töpfer
Christoph Töpfer runs the club TBA in Dresden and was one of the founders of Tolerave. He is a candidate for the city council.

Ella Janes
Ella Janes is a British folk musician, whose love for writing first took the form of short stories, later combining with her passion for music to become songwriting. In 2017, Ella was invited to appear at the TEDx event ‘2037: The Future is Our Present’ in Rome, where she performed a series of original songs exploring areas of science and philosophy. She also composed for TEDx Dresden’s 2018 conference 'Listen', where she performed in late August. Ella supported Jools Holland at eight dates on his 2018 Summer and Winter UK tours, finishing with a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 1st December. She opened 2019 with her new single 'Passenger Plane' and is set to release new original music throughout the year.

Jan-Ulrich Spies
Jan-Ulrich Spies is the top candidate for the SPD in northern Dresden.

Judith Beckedorf
Judith Beckedorf is a freelancing musician and music teacher. She plays guitar, mandolin and banjo and works as a singer/songwriter. After spending a year in Nashville she now lives in Dresden. She tours as a solo artist and with the folk group "Standard Crow Behavior". In 2018 she founded "MusiSHEans" together with Karlijn Lengendijk and Vivek Advani. "MusiSheans" is a network supporting female musicians.

Lina Burghausen
For five years Lina Burghausen supports artists wihr her PR-agency Mona Lina ( in the fields of music-PR, consultuing and artist and label management, especially from the genres HipHop and Urban. As a freelance author and blogger she supports female rap artists for example with her project "365 Female MCs". Due to her longterm journalistic experience she knows several perpectives of the music media scene. She lives in Leipzig and since 2015 she is also working as DJ.

Photo: Sebastian Frank

Magnus Hecht
Magnus Hecht is a graduate social worker (FH) and Master of Arts in Cultural Administration. Since 2003 he is self-employed as a cultural adviser but mainly works as an employee of the Saxon Landtag.

He is CEO of Dresdner scheune. The cultural center focusing on live music is a known stage since 1953. He is a founding member and vice-chairman of the Live Music Commission – Association of Music Clubs in Germany e.V.

2014 he has founded the music publisher Oh, my music!, to take care of emerging talent from Saxony and abroad.

Magnus Hecht has already made several attempts to obtain the Saxon music scene at a table to demand the necessary structural support and political acknowledgment of Popular Music in Saxony.

Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss is member of NSU-Watch, Antifaschistisches Pressearchiv und Bildungszentrum (apabiz) and Agentur für soziale Perspektiven (ASAP).

Norbert Engemaier
Norbert Engemaier works for the TU Dresden and is a member of the city council for the party DIE LINKE

Oyèmi Hessou
Oyèmi, member of Jaguwar, is also bass player and singer of I Drew Blank.
I Drew Blank is a Berlin trio consisting of Dominik Jureschko of White Hand Gibbon, Eilis Frawley of Party Fears and Oyemi Hessou of Jaguwar. I Drew Blank make music with an authentic indie grit and a welcome directness, assisted by Dominik and Oyemi‘s offhand vocals and an uncluttered room sound. Locked down by razor wire guitar and a solid rhythm section, I Drew Blank provide the tonic to an increasingly frenetic lifestyle. described their latest single 'So far' as a "burst of summery indie fuzzpop on a frozen cold morning" and declared it as "much needed!"

Rainer Scheerer
Rainer Scheerer is a Berliner Artist & Entrepreneur. His Music Label / Booking Agency SPRINGSTOFF is an Independent Music Company. Rainer is a member of the Sandbox Network.

Robert Matusiak
Owner of Refuse Records, record label started in Warsaw in 1993 and currently based in Berlin. Co-founder of Warsaw Pact Records, a label focused on Polish bands from the 80s. Also involved in booking and managing shows and tours and working with several fanzines and magazines worldwide.

Sascha Möckel
Sascha Möckel has been organizing free parties for more than 20 years, working on various open space projects, is a political activist, social worker and daddy. Besides nightlife, he is interested in feministic, queer and genticizing discourses. He is on the board of TOLERAVE e.V. - an alliance of Dresden artists from the field of electronic music.

Sonja Heckmann
During her time studying political science, Sonja entered the local electronic music scene in Vienna. In the 2000s she was active as DJ ReSista in the Drum&Bass community. In recent times she focused more on Breaks and Breakbeat Hardcore (Oldschool Rave).

In Mai 2018 she published an open letter ("Liebe Musikszene. Eine Moralpredigt") that criticised right-wing tendencies associated with Red Bull and the events they're hosting. The following discussion lead to several consequences in Germany and Switzerland, regarding clubs and festivals.

Sören Uhle
Stand up. Stop. Head down. Listen, argue, coordinate. Sometimes well planed, sometimes spontaneous. We support the economy of Chemnitz - in all aspects. Labour market, places, culture, society. Indeed, #wirsindmehr was big. But it was #morethanthat.

Susann Grossmann
Susann studied cultural studies in Görlitz, Prague and Merseburg. Since 2012 she works as a freelance project manager in the field of culture and music. At the moment she organises a festival to honour Clara Schumann for the Notenspur Leipzig e.V. For more than 15 years she is a musician herself, released several CDs and participated in Songcamps in Germany and Canada.

Tobias Burdukat
Tobias Burdukat is a social worker whose work focuses on youth and youth culture in rural regions. He is also person in charge for the project "Dorf der Jugend" in Grimma.

(Picture by Martin Neuhof)

Wolfgang Sterneck
The combination of music and politics is a constant element in the life of Wolfgang Sterneck. He organises alternative festivals and the dancing demonstration "Reclaim the Streets". He is also active in organising cultural spaces and co-organiser of the "Nights - Stadt Nach Acht" conference. He published several books, such as "Der Kampf um die Träume - Musik und Gesellschaft" and "Tanzende Sterne - Partys im Widerstand".